Bounty Plus TronUp - 250 000 TRX

Bounty Plus TronUp - 250 000 TRX

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 8 Nov 2019

TRON UP Halloween Bounty updated, 250,000 $TRX waits for you! During the event, joining the betting competition can win maximum 100,000 $TRX. Meanwhile, there’s double reward of Daily Repo Auction, users can win maximum 100,000 $TRX!


Nov 8th 12:00 (UTC) — Nov 18th 12:00 (UTC)


1、Betting competition — During the event, the top 1 on the leaderboard who bets with TRX can win 100,000 TRX, the 2nd prize can win 40,000 TRX, the 3rd can win 7,000 TRX, the 4th can win 2,000 TRX, the 5th can win 1,000 TRX. The 6th-20th can win 1,000–20,000 UP rewards.

2、Repo Auction — The repo auction involved 10 rounds. At the start of each round, 10,000 TRX will be injected into Repo Auction pool and start a countdown of 23 hours. When the countdown finishes, the user who bids at last can win the whole TRX rewards in the Repo Auction pool. Please click “View More” button and check details.

3、Tronlink lucky winner rewards — Pick 20 lucky users who use Tronlink app and bet with more than 2,000 TRX to send away 500 UP each.

TRON UP 1,000,000 TRX buyback program is going on! 350,000 TRX has been used for buyback. During the 5th phase, 100,000 TRX will be used for buyback via Repo Auction. After this phase, TRON UP team will accounce next buyback program of UP token. Welcome to join TRON UP telegram and learn more event information and buyback progress.





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