BetFury weekly report 15 - 21. 1. 2020

BetFury weekly report 15 - 21. 1. 2020

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 22 Jan 2020

BetFury is a master of making innovations and improvements. The previous week is clear proof to it. You couldn’t have noticed our latest updates. But it’s just the beginning of our trip. Our team doesn’t stop at the point we’ve reached.

The overall BetFury platform upgrade happened last week. We tried to fulfill all your dreams. Meet the opportunity to play with USDT on the TRC-20 + USDT competition, the launch of KENO game and update in Hi-Lo, Live casino, new Slots and Weekly Slots Competition, new Table games, an opportunity to play with BFG, News section on our website and some more buns! Also, communicate in local groups and meet new friends!

Grand BetFury Update

The much-desired big update on BetFury! Have you already examined all the new features? Our team has worked hard not only to implement USDT on the TRC-20, but also to make changes in some games and the website in general.

Read more below.



What can make a usual day happy if not the received dividends?! Every BetFury user, who holds BFG tokens (frozen across the network) receives his part of the platform’s profit. The dividend pool releases 7% of the total platform amount every day. Our dividends pool amount for today is over 13M+.

Currently daily payouts are over 1 M. Redund the profit by making more bets and filling the dividends pool up. Therefore get more profit !!!

Mining and token metrics:

The current mining price is 48 TRX/1 BFG for In-House games.

The current mining price for slots is 12 TRX/1 BFG.

The average mining cost (In-House games) is 0,705 TRX/1 BFG.

The average mining cost (Slots) is 0,44 TRX/1 BFG.

7,745,945 BFG has been played this week.

Total frozen: 918 778 280.00 BFG

Total mined: 1 025 545 701.37 BFG

BetFury Events:

Now let’s have a short overview of the latest Grand Updates. Changes worth attention. At first, put your mind to profitable opportunities.

USDT -TRC20*+USDT battle on BetFury

These are the key points of this update:

  • deposit/withdrawal can be made from any TRON wallet that supports TRC20-USDT
  • bets are available in all games (including in-house, slots, table games)
  • min bet 0.01 USDT
  • you will receive 0,3% in (In-House games)& 0,05% (Slots)in USDT of all referral pure winnings.

And to celebrate the TRC20-USDT launching on BetFury, we announced the two-week USDT battle for $ 10,000!

This is the two-parts competition. Users, who win in the first part, don’t participate in the second!

50 TOP USDT players of the competition period will share 5000 USDT according to the rate.

Players with a turnover of more than 1000 USDT — will evenly divide 5000 USDT among themselves.

Slots Race competition


Together with accessing new slots, we launch a weekly slots race. The prize pool is 200,000 TRX!

All available slots on the BetFury platform participate.

Bets can be placed both in TRX and in USDT (the total gaming volume will be considered in TRX).

You can track information about the best players in the tab on the left (where the Auction is) on any in-house game window.

Ability to bet on BFG

Now you can even win our native platform tokens! This position functions with in-house games, the basic mechanics of in-house games are applicable. When you make bets and lose, your BFG will be burnt.

Mind, that when choosing BFG for bets, mining in the game will be disabled!

KENO launch

The popular game is available for playing on BetFury. 40 numbered balls participate in it, and a game leaflet, where the player must mark from 1 to 10 numbers. The more numbers match in a player’s bet, the greater his win is!

Update in the Hi-Lo game

Check fairness in the Hi-Lo game for every drawable card by clicking “Fairness” in the window of the game and find the result of each bet.

Big wins come along with our big changes. Do you know, that we’ve simplified the opportunity to win the jackpot in Hi-Lo? You need to collect 4 any sevens in a row.

And there are the first results of the week. 4 jackpots with the amount of more than 100K TRX were hit in the Hi-Lo game on BetFury!

New Table games, Live casino, Slots

Updates can’t happen without new games being added. Try new betting opportunities with our new arrivals: 5 Table games, 11 Slots, 3 Live casino games.

Updated Whitepaper

BetFury is constantly growing and evolving. Naturally, the platform’s main document also has changed! We have updated all the relevant information about:

Games and Jackpots, Safety, Fairness, BFG token, using USDT, Ranking system, Referral system, Community, Roadmap for 2020.

Further changes will also be represented and described in the Whitepaper.

News on the website


Now every player will be informed about all relevant information about changes and updates on the platform. The “News” tab in the header will display all the latest news.

Information about the Grand Update in details is in the article.

BetFury Weekly Prizes:

  • BetFury Success Promotion continues. New success of 100 users was announced. Try how good your luck is with BetFury. Continue to share your gaming experience. Every 10 days we choose another 100 winners
  • 50 lucky followers shared 5000 TRX for the Retweet campaign on the occasion of 5k followers on Twitter.


Raccoon is very friendly and values everyone, who follows us on Twitter and Telegram, reads Medium articles. Currently, almost 6K people follow us on Twitter. 3.5 K members of BetFury Official Channel can every day see the latest news.

Telegram Local Groups

13K members get to know about all events by communicating in Telegram chat. To make communication warmer we’ve created official local groups, where you can use your own language to share your gaming experience, jokes and wishes.

🔸Chinese 🇨🇳 🔸 Indonesian 🇲🇨 🔸 Russian 🇷🇺🔸 Turkish 🇹🇷

🔸 Spanish 🇪🇸 🔸 Germany 🇩🇪🔸 Netherlands 🇳🇱

Planned updates:

  • A new In-house game
  • New slots
  • Dice super event


We appreciate you contributing to BetFury. Our goal is to provide a safe, reliable, full of thrilling games platform, where you can spend a profitable and enjoyable time. Thank you for being active and giving feedback. Hope, you like all our innovations. Be with us, and see how much your favorite BetFury team can do!

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