Grande Update BetFury

Grande Update BetFury

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 18 Jan 2020

The much-awaited big update on BetFury! Tteam has taken into account many user wishes and has worked hard not only to implement USDT on the TRC-20, but also about the overall BetFury platform upgrade.

Meet: the opportunity to play with USDT + USDT competition, the launch of KENO game and update in Hi-Lo, Live casino, new Slots and Weekly Slots Competition, new Table games, an opportunity to play with BFG, News section on our website and some more buns!

Let’s get everything in order so you don’t miss anything.

Meet USDT -TRC20* on BetFury

*TRC20-USDT is a stablecoin, released by Tether on TRON. Deposit and withdrawal will take place on the TRON network.

BetFury have added the ability to play with the USDT by the TRC20 standard.


What do users need to know?

  • deposit/withdrawal can be made from any TRON wallet that supports TRC20-USDT
  • bets are available in all games (including in-house, slots, table games)
  • min bet 0.01 USDT
  • you will receive 0,3% in (In-House games)& 0,05% (Slots)in USDT of all referral pure winnings.

Let us describe the main changes in basic User Experience:

1️⃣ After signing up you can see your TRX balance. You are able to change it into USDT balance in the drop-down list by clicking on it;

2️⃣ At the Dividends page, such fields are represented in both TRX and USDT, which means there will be two pools;

3️⃣The mining price is dynamic for USDT and based on TRX/USDT trading pair rates in real-time mode;

4️⃣ In Cashback section the available amount is shown in the currency, you’ve chosen in the drop-down list in the header. Cashback history shows both currencies;

5️⃣ USDT and TRX referral payments will be shown in the Referral cabinet

  • you will receive 0.3% in TRX & of all referral pure winnings

6️⃣ Games and Jackpots

  • Auction remains in TRX. Users will not be able to place bids in USDT.
  • Daly bonus prize pool stays in TRX, however, players who place bets in USDT also may win the Daily bonus part in TRX.
  • Jackpots are shown in TRX. To win Jackpot bets are available both in TRX and USDT.
  • To place bets in all in-house games you should select USDT in the header drop-down menu.

All the calculations in rating, rank mechanics are based on Binance TRX/USDT pair in real-time.

7️⃣ Account

  • The total bet is represented in TRX. (USDT is converted into TRX at the Binance rate at the time of betting and added to your total wager).
  • All Game balances are represented on the page.
  • Transaction history and Game history are common for both currencies.

8️⃣Daily tasks are divided into two currencies. You may do the same tasks for TRX and USDT separately every day;

9️⃣The rank system remains the same regardless of the currency the user has chosen. If you are going to place bets in USDT your rank will go up according to the TRX/USDT rate in the time of betting.

  • Rank bonuses are fixed in TRX.

And to celebrate the TRC20-USDT launching on BetFury, we announce the two-week USDT battle for $ 10,000!

Competition conditions:

1-st part: Top wager

50 TOP USDT players of the competition period will share 5000 USDT according to the rate:

1. 1350 USDT
2. 500 USDT
3. 300 USDT
4. 250 USDT
5. 200 USDT
6–10. 100 USDT
11–20. 70 USDT
21–30. 50 USDT
31–40. 40 USDT
41–50. 30 USDT

2-nd part: Star player

Players with a turnover of more than 1000 USDT — will evenly divide 5000 USDT among themselves.

You can track info about the best wagers on the left tab.


Attention: users from the TOP-50 can not claim to win in the second stage of the competition.

Ability to bet on BFG

or BFG games, the basic mechanics of in-house games are applicable. Cashback, referral and daily bonus, in this case, are not active.

  • affordable minimum 0.1 BFG
  • maximum bet depends on the game and odds
  • when you make bets and lose, your BFG will be burnt.
  • in-house only
  • when choosing BFG for bets, mining in the game will be disabled.

KENO launch

KENO is one of the oldest known games. 40 numbered balls participate in it, and a game leaflet, on which the player must mark from 1 to 10 numbers. The more numbers match in a player’s bet, the greater his win is!




1. To play Keno you should predict the lucky cells. You can choose from 1 to 10 cells.

2. After pressing “Bet’ the game will randomly choose lucky cells that define your winning multiplier.

3. The more cells will be defined by the random generator as lucky ones the higher the reward will be.

4. The game has three risk levels — Low, Medium and High. Each risk level has its own reward distribution.

5. “Auto pick” will randomly choose the predicted cells. “Clear table” will remove all the predicted cells to choose them once again.

6. The limitations are applied for maximum payout 800 USDT, 300K TRX/BFG, and maximum bet 30 USDT, 2K TRX/BFG.

Attention: when choosing BFG for bets, mining in the game will be disabled. For TRX and USDT, the standard price is the same as in all in-house games.

Slots Race competition

It may shock you, but it is true! To improve the general interest in the gameplay, we launch a weekly slots race. The prize pool is 200,000 TRX!

Race conditions:

  • All available slots on the BetFury platform participate.
  • Bets can be placed both in TRX and in USDT (the total gaming volume will be considered in TRX).
  • You can track information about the best players in the tab on the left (where the Auction is) on any in-house game window.

Top places:

Great opportunity to play, earn cashback, mined tokens and get lots of prizes. Moreover, the chances of winning are very high!

Betfury will notify players of any significant changes to existed terms and conditions of Slots Race before entering into force. However, BetFury may, at its sole discretion, make minor changes to these terms, the promotion itself or the players’ right to participate in this promotion for any reason, without prior notice to the players.

Update in the Hi-Lo game

We have updated the ability to check honesty in the Hi-Lo game for every drawable card. You can check the result by clicking “Fairness” in the window of the game and find the result of each bet.

In addition, we have simplified the opportunity to win the jackpot. Now, in order to hit the jackpot, you need to collect 4 any sevens in a row. You can learn more about the jackpot directly in the game window.

We’ve also increased the visible bet history in Circle from 15 to 30 points.

Also You can check the details of winning and losing bets in the tab Account — Game history.

New Table games, Live casino, Slots

Of course, we have added a lot of new games, so that you can spend the most exciting time on the platform and try new betting opportunities.

Meet the updated list


Table games:

  • Vip American Roulette
  • Triple Edge Poker
  • Top Card Trumps
  • Three Card Rummy
  • Common Draw Roulette


  • 12 Animals
  • Fortune Multiplier
  • Monkey Money
  • Diego Fortune
  • Sky Gems 5 Wilds
  • Reel Fighters
  • Divine Forest
  • Snowing Luck
  • Mayanera
  • Poseidon
  • Plata O Plomo

Live casino:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat

Updated bonuses history

Tracking your bonuses history is much easier now. Go to the “Account” tab — click “Transaction history” — then “Bonuses”.

Updated Whitepaper

BetFury is constantly growing and evolving, naturally, the platform’s main document also has changed! We have updated all relevant information about:

  • Games and Jackpots
  • Safety
  • Fairness
  • BFG token
  • using USDT
  • Ranking system
  • Referral system
  • Community
  • Roadmap for 2020

As we change and introduce new features, we will update the information in the Whitepaper.

News section on the website


Now all relevant information about changes and updates on the platform will be covered on the website immediately in the “News” tab. The section is currently in test mode.

We thank everyone for your assistance in the platform development! Only because of Betfurians, your feedback and wishes, we become better every day! Write your reviews more and more! And we’ll be working on new improvements to please you! We hope you’ll enjoy the Grand update on Betfury.

And if you suddenly have questions or comments — we are always in touch through these links:

Link to the Website:


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