Million on Mars - Play to Earn with a very good potential!

By Claudio Reward | topmastergain | 5 Apr 2022

Good morning everyone!!

As you know I am always very active in PLAY TO EARN and when a game satisfies me with regards to the "time invested: gain" ratio, I come here to propose it immediately !!

Today is the time for: MILLION ON MARS!

The game is a STRATEGIC / MANAGEMENT in which you will have daily actions that you can do in which you can extract materials, use them to create/craft more complex materials and eventually sell them to the market generating PROFIT.

Profit is measured in the game's currency which is THE DUSK. This can be exchanged first for WAX and then for Dollars using the exchange markets on the WAX ​​blockchain. Aside from the words, it's all very simple to do .... just create a WAX account and you don't think about it anymore.

I am happy to help in the case but you really don't need any special knowledge. Withdrawal is blocked for the first 14 days of enrollment. After that, you can withdraw as much as you want considering a minimum of 100 DUSK. There is a 10% withdrawal fee so if you want to withdraw at least I need 110 DUSK. There is no maximum. Once you have taken the DUSKs, you can trade them in the ALCORE wax market without any minimum and maximum limits.

Once the tutorial is done, you need to buy a pass to play. There are two types, the basic one which is just the pass which costs a few dollars (like 1-2 $ depending on the period) or you can take a package to start which costs 18-25 $ (depending on the period) but it already contains some NFTs to be able to also create small trading activities.

REMEMBER: the decision whether to take only the pass or the pack you have to make it immediately because once you start the game with the pass only, you canno longer buy the pack and to buy the very same NFTs of the pack individually costs you between 50-80 $ depending on the period. I therefore strongly suggest to go for the premium pack!

I bought the premium pack that gave me a land and some buildings that I installed on the land. Every day, through the buildings, I produce resources which I then sell to the market to immediately make a profit. A part, however, I reinvest it to increase my account and gradually earn more and more.

Here are the links you need to start this adventure:

First register here:

Do the tutorial which takes you 5 minutes and then make your decision on what to buy. The links for buying on atomic hub (which is the market for NFT objects on the WAX ​​blockchain) are these:

- Access Pass only: Land Rush Player Access Pack

- Starter Pack: Premium Access Pack

I started about two weeks ago and bought a premium pack.

Referrals don't make a lot of money so that's not the essence of the game. In practice, your referrals generate a small passive income for 90 days as the taxes they pay on each transaction made on the market or on the jobs, go to the sponsor. The transaction tax is 5%. So if I sell something that costs 100 DUSK, 5 DUSK goes to the bank but if it's within the first 90 days of clicking the reflink, the 5 DUSK goes to my contact person. The selling activities are always taxed so regardless of whether you are a referral or not, the taxes either go to the game or go to the sponsor.

Like any management software, the game has a certain level of complexity which is given by the many available structures and materials to be created. So a huge diversity! But of course, you can also play with two clicks a day by doing only the basic actions.

For any questions or clarifications, I'm available for you here or in telegram (click here) !! Also being a management software, if you are my referrals I add you to the Telegram group where we are all together and obviously we help each other !!

In Bocca al Lupo and GOOD PROFIT!

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Claudio Reward

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