Tezos (XTZ): Bakers Are Rolling Dough For You. Find Your Star Bakers And Start Making!

Tezos (XTZ): Bakers Are Rolling Dough For You. Find Your Star Bakers And Start Making!

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 20 Feb 2020

I have been using Coinbase for staking Tezos (XTZ) for over 2 months and it's been good.

Reward is 5.31% and payout has been stable, precise and I can trust them.


But they charge 25% fee on staking Tezos (XTZ) which is a pretty high percentage compare to other bakers.

If I compare Coinbase and Tez Dispensery and stake 1000 XTZ

Estimaed Annual Reward is 64.68 XTZ (Tez Dispensery) - 48.51 XTZ (Coinbase) = 16.17 XTZ


This could make a huge difference if Tezos (XTZ) continues to climb up.

But sometimes bakers will close shops, shut down and disappear. source


So it is very important to find good reliable bakers that you can trust with your Tezos (XTZ).

Baking Bad has a tool you can use to find your Star Bakers!

But you need to understand filters and what they mean ๐Ÿ‘‡


Key Baking Options:

Insured - Insured bakers are covered by Baking Bad. (for ~ 12 cycles)

  • If a baker stops payouts for some reason, Baking Bad will pay rewards for next 12 cycles
  • If a baker misses blocks/endorsements and node performance is below 90%, Baking Bad will compensate the losses.
  • If a Baker suddenly changes their terms, fees...etc without notifying, Baking Bad will compensate the differences.

Payout Amounts - Accuracy of reward payouts.

  • "precise" payout amount is same as the expected amount and this is what you want. (do not want "inaccurate", "suspicious")
  • "no data" means not enough data to determine the accuracy.

Payout Period - Consistency of reward payouts.

  • "stable" means payout is on time (do not want "unstable", "suspicious")

Free Space - How much free space a baker has and you can delegate.

If this number is negative, a baker is overdelegated, and you will not receive rewards. (Bakers cannot reject delegations even if they are out of capacity and overdelegated.)

Fee - This is the amount a baker charges delegators from rewardsย 

Est. ROI - Estimated Return On Investment percentage that you would earn annually.ย 

Service status - "Active" is working. (do not want "Dead", "Closed")

Staking - Baker's staking balance. (which makes no difference to rewards more less)

Carthage 2.0 - baker's voting participation. (active bakers are more likely to be committed for long-term operation)

How To Pick Star Bakers:

These are my options and you can use this URL to see the bakers.



My Star Bakers:

I like these insured bakers in case something happens, I will still get rewarded from Baking Bad.

Love the LetzBake!'s low fee and high return. P2P Validator and Tezgate both look interesting to me.

star bakers

I am planning to move some Tezos (XTZ) from Coinbase to these bakers and do rewards comparison :)

Who is your Star Bakers?!


These are my star bakers. Please DYOR before delegating!


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