Passive Income Ideas: Receive Tips From Everybody With KyberWidget Part 1 - Setup
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Passive Income Ideas: Receive Tips From Everybody With KyberWidget Part 1 - Setup

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 11 Apr 2020

If you are using Brave browser, I am pretty sure everybody loves the "Send A Tip" feature.

brave tip

This is a Brave browser specific feature and it's a BAT token base. But majority of people don't use Brave browser unfortunately.

Chrome 63.69% + Safari 18.35% + Firefox 4.42% ~ 85%

browser share


So basically pretty much no sees this feature in the "real world" of internet 😞

But you want to get tips from everybody?! Your website (not just Brave) should accept many tokens (not just BAT) like this 👇 ?!


You can create your own "Send A Tip" feature!

(without coding of course 😉)


Kyber Network is a on-chain liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity, you can swap tokens, and it is a very popular decentralized application. 

The widget is developed by Kyber Network and users can spend/accept tokens for goods and services using the widget, kind of like a PayPal me button but DeFi. "Pay", "Swap", and "Buy" are the widget's main functionalities.

Here is a simple overview,



but the important thing is that, users tokens go into your wallet. Simple and Easy :)

How to set it up?

Go to KyberWidget Generator here.

widget config

  • Widget Type: Pay
  • Recipient Address: YOUR ETH Address
  • Network: Mainnet
  • Receiving Token Symbol: ETH (because i like eth)
  • Widget Mode: Popup (because i like popup)

That is all you have to do.

(but this widget can actually be used for e-commerce and token swap and other things so you can play with this configs if you like)

Once that is done, click "HTML Source" and it will generate the widget code like this 👇 

html code

You just need to copy and paste these 3 lines of codes into your website.

CSS: This part goes inside the <head> tag

<link rel='stylesheet' href=''> 

Button: This part is a button so you can put it anywhere you want on your website

<a href='' class='kyber-widget-button theme-dark theme-supported' name='KyberWidget - Powered by KyberNetwork' title='Pay with tokens' target='_blank'>Send A Tip</a>

Javascript: This part goes right before </body> tag

<script async src=''></script>


"Tip" button will look something like this 👇 

main page

Now you have your own "SEND A TIP" feature for your website that doesn't depend on Brave browser 🎉


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If you like to know more about this widget,



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