My Favourite Publish0x Authors

By Tomadachi | Tomadachi | 20 May 2020

The launch of this week's contest to celebrate the Publish0x milestone of reaching 100k registered accounts (and the chance to win a slice of DAI) has helped me to focus on the authors whose opinion and insights I personally have come to value on the site.

To make things easier (for me and the reader) I've grouped the writers into two separate camps; the reason for which will become obvious as we move through the list.

One last caveat - I haven't included authors from the Publish0x team (such as Dan Bainbridge and Igor Tomić) as I would expect anyone who frequents the articles here on a regular basis would already be familiar with those and I wanted to give a shout out to some of the writers who maybe less prominent. 

For this reason I also limited myself to authors who currently have less than 400 followers.

With that being said, let's move on.

Crypto/Blockchain Top 3 Authors

As a project with it's roots firmly planted in blockchain, it's only reasonable that the majority of content on publish0x is related to the wider ecosystem. It is for that reason that my first group of recommendations cover some or many aspects of this brave new world.

So, in no particular order, I present for your consideration 3 of my go-to crypto scribes.

1) BlockchainAuthor


The quirky avatar hints at some of the hybrid content they produce. Although mainly industry news related, BlockchainAuthor also posts personal views on the world around them. Although the insights into BlockchainAuthor's world always entertains, it is the blockchain articles that merits their inclusion in this esteemed list as they provide a gateway for me to keep abreast of the general gaming world and specifically non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Sample post: New Artwork Landing on Gemini's Nifty Gateway

2) ankarlie


Ankarlie's profile introduction sounds formal and in some ways so are their articles... but what I appreciate in the content is the no-nonsense tone, economical style, and educational benefit they provide. I always come away from reading their text with a better understanding of the topic they are presenting.

Sample post: What are Instant Liquidity Exchanges and How to Make a Profit from them?

3) kevW!ls0n


Kev nearly didn't make the cut... purely because his list of followers is growing at an impressive rate and his pay-per-article rate is beginning to kick up a gear. But, because of the value he offers to readers I believe he still deserves a mention so as to alert those few who have yet to discover his content.

Sample post: Loopring LRC Staking is Here - Everything You Need to Know

Open Content Top 3 Authors

One obvious way Publish0x can survive and thrive as a platform is to expand their reach into other areas not related to blockchain, DLT or crypto. That isn't a ground breaking observation and the founders are way ahead of me in recognising this so I've decided to highlight 3 writers in this broad category who may, as yet, be under most people's radar.

*Please be aware that some of the content maybe challenging to existing beliefs. 

1) KiBLS


With talk of the "new normal" doing the rounds in the mainstream media, KiBLS consistently spins our world view around to look at events at a new angle. Using poetry, KiBLS delves into metaphysics and elucidates it in a form accessible to all. Personally, when my own self anger-issues are prodded into life, I find a brief 2 line quote from one his works useful to meditate upon - "Recognize that there is no enemy to fight! And now just unleash your inner light."

Sample post: Lightful Revelation

2) lemming


Lemming, whose first language is not english, always engages with their individual take on life and the world. Whether analysing light and dark or pondering endless realities, lemming always comes across as an individual you wish you knew in person so you could chat with them over an espresso or two.

Sample post: How many realities are there? And how many fake ones?

3) Lucid Vibrations


It's probably fair to say that the smallest channel by scale of followers on this list, Lucid Vibrations, is not for everybody. Whether they connect with you depends very much on how you view the current world. But, there are simply too many aspects of their work that spark dormant thoughts within me for me to even consider leaving without mentioning them. I sincerely recommend giving them a try and see what pathways open up for you.

Sample post: The Trivium - Learn How to Think


Happy reading!

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