New Artwork Landing on Gemini's Nifty Gateway

New Artwork Landing on Gemini's Nifty Gateway

Now With More Money-printing Monkey GIFs

In November 2019, before ordinary citizens were installing bidets or wiping their backsides with junk mail, Gemini Exchange purchased a marketplace dealing in non-fungible tokens -- Nifty Gateway.

On March 17, 2020, at the early stages of the global pandemic, three artists put their collections of NFTs up for sale, with prices ranging from $10 to $5,000. Nobody will ever buy at that price, but one of the pieces in the site's peer-to-peer NFT exchange is selling for $16B

Ridiculosity aside, the artwork is especially attractive. The lack of gameplay may be disappointing to some. But for those who appreciate rare, limited edition art, Nifty Gateway has plenty to offer.

The Regular Schedule

Once every three weeks, on Thursdays, a new collection goes up for sale. The inaugural event drew an MMA athlete -- Cris Cyborg -- and a pair of fulltime art pros -- Lyle Lowerko and Michael Kagan. 


Samples from the launch exhibition at NiftyGateway.Com

Certain items -- specific colors of Lowerko's boomboxes, for example -- sold out on the first day. But on the other side of the non-fungible token, the 144 remaining 'Cyborg Ready' designs may not sell at all. 

New artwork goes live on Thursday, April 2nd at 7 pm EDT.

This time around, the marketplace is keeping things interesting.

Teasing New Exhibits

Once again, NFTs from three separate artists are going up for sale. 

"Everything's Fine" by Josie Bellini

For the first time, one of the pieces will be moving on screens.  


 Josie Bellini's "Everything's Fine" from NiftyGateway.Com

Today we get a taste of an animated NFT, but Thursday puts the GIF in motion. Nothing to see here as a private corporation prints $2.2T times infinity in cash to purchase unlimited assets. All good, bro!

"Bull," "Samurai," and "Wings" by John Guydo

John is a veteran artist collaborating with the likes of Disney and Marvel. We'll soon see three of his art series, but for now, we're treated to the "Wings" design.


John Guydo's "Wings" from NiftyGateway.Com

The strategy here is to hold back the finest and rarest until April 2, with 'Samurai' (?) being the most coveted. 

"The UnBearables" by Olive Allen

Thursday's reveal marks the first time that we can purchase randomized packs instead of a direct purchase.


Olive Allen's "UnBearables" from NiftyGateway.Com

From climate change to wildfires to COVID-19, Olive highlights the world's challenges through cuddly bears. Within each pack awaits one of seven distinct designs.

Closing Shop

The upcoming exhibition is going for a 'first' theme. It's random, and it's animated, and as someone on government-mandated timeout, I'm counting down the days. Wait, what day is it again? They're all blending together lately...

Stay safe out there, everyone!


What's Your Take?

Are you interested in a non-fungible token that's also a GIF? Or would you rather play blockchain games on your phone to pass the time?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! I do my best to respond to everyone who takes the time to tell everyone how they feel!


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