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yet another late gaming and walking report with actifit on March 18 2023

This is my daily web3 gaming progress update.

The weather is nice now, which means Spring is starting.

free games.jpg


I am getting closer to the top of Silver 1. My plan for this season is to reach the leaderboard and then to progress to gold to allow me to fight for gold EOS boxes.

Rent is stable which is great the sad thing is that is stable at 100 DEC per day.


I have 2 hours left for my Watermelon so I will report about the rewards tonight with today's report. Other than that the season is almost over so we will start the usual task tomorrow.


I am surprised that my SIM Power is not failing as I have moved most of my sims to Pool as I think this is providing better SIM income. I am aware that I am losing the game influence but it is nothing I can not regain by moving money out of pool

Rising Star

I have managed to get 16k Sof Starbits so far which si good. This time I will put all the SB into a music promotion mission as I ned to move som StarPro to a wallet to allow me to buy Petrol cards easy.


Not a bad week I have. I have got over 4k Stardom so far and I should be able to get another 500 if I am lucky. Unfortunately, the amount of SD will not allow me to buy a new rare card.

Games I am looking at:

This is my list of potential new games to take part in, some are still in development some do not work for me:

[I am also a Hive Witness, please consider voting for me](
as well as
[Hive Engine Witness](

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Chasing Pokemons, Daily Activity


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The Crypto, the Games and the Money

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