Coinpot SCAM !!!

Coinpot SCAM !!!

By NeonNexus | tinplho/cryptointerest | 25 Jul 2019

Scam Alert

Coinpot is just one more big scam

I ask all users of this site to immediately abandon it, this site in addition to ridiculing you, and you steal (if you make a deposit) they will never pay you

Don't waste your time with this FAKE FAUCET (and all the other 'moons' faucets that are associated with it)
I'm talking about personal experience

My first withdrawal of 0.00424 BTC never arrived at the destination address.

My second withdrawal of 2895 Doge, never arrived either, on my personal address


Support dont exist, they never answer if you send a mail 



It's time to desert this site, and lead it to its downfall

Such a scam should not live any longer


Take care of you

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