Crypto scam

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Cryptopia the Real story

4 days ago 6 minute read kryptonja $0.11 tipped

I lost so mush BTC & ETH when Cryptopia exchange decided to pull a exit scam. Idk if we will ever see our funds again but i came across this article from one of the devs that worked for Cryptopia. i've included the original link to the story i doubt...

FaceBook Libra. My thoughts. Part # 01

2 days ago 1 minute read Juan Molina $0.09 tipped

Facebook launches Libra using a false image of "democratization of access to crypto". According to them they will "empower" the masses by giving them access to a good / value that is worldwide in scope. Clearly they promise that billions of people i...

How naive natives fall for Bitcoin Ponzi Schemes in South Africa

4 days ago 3 minute read Bitcoin Babaji $0.02 tipped

Bitcoin scams are all over the place, none more so than in less educated third world countries like mine. South Africa has its own share of ponzi schemes being run as get-rich-quick projects. The first one I heard of is called Bitcoin Revolution thou...

FaceBook Libra. My thoughts. Part # 03

8 hours ago 1 minute read Juan Molina $0.02 tipped

Commercial Ecosystem   "Libra will promote an ecosystem of products and services created to help people use it in their daily lives."     There will be a greater invasion of our privacy, now they will go for our finances. All the information of ou... & Bitoke SCAM ALERT!!! USER BEWARE!!

8 May 2019 2 minute read Navb01 $0.05 tipped

Lootbits Homepage  User beware it is a scam & possibly malicious!!! I ended up wasting way too much time on However if you take a simple look at their TOS it states that it is considered a game and that any currency gathered...

Beware of Bitcoin Scams

1 week ago 2 minute read Jared York $0.53 tipped

(I originally published this April 14, 2019.) So today I came across an email in my spam… This email was sent to me at 12:29am. Here is a screenshot of the email I received: The sender obviously made up these claims about me and sent the same email... - Electrum Stellar Wallet OR HACK?

23 May 2019 1 minute read Crypto Pappy $0.02 tipped

Ok, so I'm out collecting coins - ok, not really OUTSIDE, but out about the internet collecting coins at my usual sites. I DO look at the advertisements; I need a good laugh! So many "Double Your Bitcoin in a Day" scams. I came across an advert for a...