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Using stats to try and better understand Publish0x

So this is another post in the series where I try and figure out how to better understand and use Publish0x. And of course take you with me on this journey to enlightenment. in the first post we have covered several different topics. And below here is a link to the articles if you like to catch up.

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Well now that you are al caught up to speed lets start of this stats part. For that is what we are looing into today. Stats. In particular the daily stats of Publish0x. So what inspire me to do this dive was I got a tip from fellow writer: excelencia They have a ongoing series of posts where they present the daily stats of Publish0x. So I thought we would take advantage of that and grab ourselves a few stats and see what information we can gather from that. If any...  

We will take a look at the past week. April 29 through May 5. This so we get an average of a ordinary 5 day week and one weekend. This will alow us to see if there is any major difference from weekdays to weekends. If you want to follow along, or check the original posts you will find them; the weekend here and here. The weekdays here, here, here, here, and here. I hope that is correct. It took me a little while to sort them, and then I had to redo it as I noticed the data lagged one day from the today date in the post. SO my own fault. ^^

So the first thing we will take a look at is how many tips where given on average. So on the weekdays there where an average of 20 151,4 tips being made daily. For the weekend this number was 19 476,5 average number of tips. So this is very interesting. This shows that there actually is a slight dip in the number of tips that is distributed during the weekend compared to the weekdays. And if we look at the individual weekdays we see that Monday is standing out among them as well. This due to Monday having the lowest number of tips distributed of any of the days. With a total of 18 420 tips. The other four days where very consistent and held an average of 20 584,25 tips. 

So after looking at the stats for one week, we can say that the worst day to publish an article is on a Monday. Closely followed by any of the days during the weekend. Leaving Tuesday to Friday as the best days to publish a post on. But to be fair we are only talking about a 5,4% drop for the weekend compared to the four weekdays. And a 10,5% decrees comparing Monday to the four other weekdays. But we will follow up more on these numbers after we get some new data.

The number of new posts published was about the same. There where two days that had a slightly lower amount of new articles. And those where Wednesday with 105, follows by Saturday with 113 new posts created. The rest of the days published anywhere from 120 to 130 posts. So going by that data the best day for you to have published an article was on Wednesday, because that meant less competing articles.

What I did find interesting was that when you look at the average amount tipped per user you see that during the weekend this number is $0.036. And for the weekdays this number is $0.037 for Tuesday to Thursday. The number droops slightly for Friday, down to the same average as the weekend, $0.036. But again the standout here is Monday. On Monday the tip average was only $0.030. If this is because the users do not tip al the times they are allowed to. Or if they are more stingy with the amount they tip. Well it is probably the first one. They simply miss to tip once or twice on Mondays.

If then take a closer look at the money tips for each day and then the number of posts published, this will give us and average earnings expectancy for that day. In theory at least. This do not take into account the fact that people might read or tip posts published on a separate date. But still the numbers should be able to provide us with a indication and something to work with. As long as we know that the numbers do not show the whole picture.

For the weekend the average amount tipped per post was $1.44 respectively $1.36. And for the weekdays these numbers are as follows: $1.36, $1.08, $1.35, $1.67 and $1.44. And again Monday clearly stands out. Remember our week goes Friday to Thursday. So what ells can we take away from these numbers. Well I for one know that my three best post. All have earned just above $0.5 in tips, with two of them having above 900 views and one a lot lower only reaching 650 views. So this tells me that even my best posts are "under performing" for a lack of a better word. Why this is. Well there can be any number of reasons. This is why I am doing this series of post. To try and better understand what makes a god post.

I think that is enough numbers for one post. Don't you? Well I hope you have made it this far and not have used this as a cheesy way to put yourself to sleep. ^^ I want to end the post with again saying a massive thanks to excelencia for posting the daily data. And this is surly something I will come back to. As there are plenty of moor goodness there to look at. 

To sum things up. It appears that the worst day to publish a post on is Monday. Again and again Mondays underperform compared to the rest of the weekdays. Is this absolutely true for al Mondays. No, we have only looked at one Monday so far. So it is still a bit to early to draw any permanent conclusions. But we can decently use this as a steppingstone in trying to better understand when to publish content to maximize its reach and gains. In a future post I would like to take a look at more weeks to better be able to compare the data and see if Mondays truly are the worst day. So stay tuned for that.

And as usual, if you have any questions or thoughts on this topic pleas post them in the comments. And as well if you have any other topic you want me to try and take a look at and analyze a little.

Until the next time, as always take care and have a great day. And if you want to support me and the content I make pleas consider reading my other posts in my two blogs. You can find them here and here.


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