Passive income and earning crypto

Passive income and earning crypto

Here I will wright a little about different passive income projects and how I use them to try and earn a little bit of crypto in the meantime. =) I hope you will enjoy it and maybe learn a thing or two that you might have missed.

The way we think about money is wrong

15 May 2024 5 minute read 5 comments Patch

It´s been a while. I hope you are all doing well. I have been doing some thinking on a lot of things in the past months. One of those things I have been thinking about is money, to be more exact how I and others view it and perceive it. What I have a...

Your Iceriver ASIC might need a service

17 Jan 2024 2 minute read 6 comments Patch

The mining community has noticed that several Iceriver ASICs have a less-than-desirable thermal past job from the factory. And thus they might need a look over. I will share the info you need and how to check if your ASIC is in need of some love. Wh...

Giveaway, win a Kaspsa ASIC from Iceriver

12 Jan 2024 2 minute read 1 comment Patch

If you have been reading my posts from the last year and the start of this year you have seen that I recently bought two Kaspa ASICs from Icriver. And so far I am very happy with them and their performance, so when I came across an opportunity to get...

Long term mining results, was it worth it?

5 Jan 2024 3 minute read 6 comments Patch

If you have followed me for some time you have seen that I recently started Kaspa mining with a pair of ASICs. But before that, I was doing some GPU mining. And I thought I would share some of the results with you. What did I mine? After the merge h...

Result of my miner mining experiment, to solo mine or not to solo mine

22 Dec 2023 3 minute read 9 comments Patch

I recently acquired two KS0 Pro ASIC miners. And they have been trucking away like well ASICs. But I also tried some new things I had not yet tried when it comes to mining. I thought I would share my experiment and its results. Mining Kaspa In case...

Solana's Saga phone went from a failure to a roaring success over night, but why?

17 Dec 2023 3 minute read 8 comments Patch

I took a look at some of the cryptophones available back in the summer of last year, to try and learn what or why one would get one of them. After having looked into Saga, Solanas Web 3.0 phone that was just launched back them. But I could not really...

Bitcoins halving is fast approaching, but what is it and what can we expect pre- and post halving?

30 Nov 2023 5 minute read 7 comments Patch

The goal of this post is to explain what the halving is and how it is impacting the price of Bitcoin. But also look at what some analyses of Bitcoin's future price say about the newer future. If this sounds like something you would like to learn more...

No more Bitcoin in Minecraft, Mojang tells Satlantis to stop

1 Oct 2023 2 minute read 8 comments Patch

In the middle of last year, Mojang made a statement that they were banning NFT integration in their popular game Minecraft. But it looks like their NFT ban is having a wider reach and is affecting not just NFT integration. What is Satlantis? If you...

IRS proposal have Miners and Stakers exempt from Broker requirements

31 Aug 2023 1 minute read 0 comments Patch

Finally some news about an arm of the government acting reasonably when it comes to crypto. And yes, many out there probably do not agree with me there rather than seeing crypto completely free. Sadly That ship has long since sailed, if it ever exist...

Staking, when and what should you pay the IRS?

13 Aug 2023 1 minute read 19 comments Patch

As far as I know, most US citizens do not look forward to tax season. And rightly so. As they need to go over everything by themself or pay someone to do it, that has happened the last year. It is a system that I don't really get. But nonetheless, th...