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The Publish0x Post - Week 26

This week has been a bit of a back to normal for me. Meaning there has been plenty of writing and reading. I do hope you will enjoy the posts I have found for you this week. And I am trying to switch it up a little again, so now I am thinking that maybe Mondays would be a good day, as technically then all of the week has passed. Let me know what you think, would you like me to keep Sundays as the posting day, or do you prefer Mondays?

The post of the week this week has a bit of a change to it. I have decided to put two posts as a joint post of the week as they cover the same topic. And I do feel strongly about this topic, and that is the recent Yuga Labs / BAYC controversy where Ryder Ripps has unearthed a virtual ton of things that all seem to be pointing at the same things. And that is Hidden Alt-Right and Nazi propaganda in the BAYC NFTs. And as I do not think this topic has gotten nearly enough coverage I decided to try my best and do my part in bringing attention to the situation.

The posts in question are by The Crazy Dude and by vanassen.eth, the latter who also is a fairly new content creator here at Publish0x. Go there and give them a warm welcome. 

Did you know that Yuga Labs are Nazi friendly?
Yuga Labs/ Ryder Ripp Legal Drama to unfold over BAYC controversies Vol. 1 have done another great post, this time they talk about whether businesses should accept crypto or not. And they highlight both some of the advantages of doing so. But also some of the disadvantages. Because as with most thing in life, there is always two sides to the same coin. Or as we say in Sweden everything has an end to it, except the sausage which has two.

Should Your Business Accept Cryptocurrency?


The next post is a mix of education and earning opportunities. It covers a topic you might have missed, and it has the potential for you to earn a buck or two as well. The topic is very well covered by HattyHats who even made a video on it where he covers the basics.

The World Is Changing


Now we move on to a post that is taking a bit of a deeper dive into one of the many facets of the crypto NANO. Swapzone takes a look at open representative voting consensus and Crypto Sustainability. This is a really interesting post and if you wanted to learn more about either of those things or look into NANO this is an excellent place to start.

What is Open Representative Voting consensus? Learning about Crypto Sustainability With Nano Foundation


AndrewCF who is a fairly new poster here, go show him some love, have done a very good job at introducing the reader to what is Web3. This is something I see gets thrown around a fair bit, and companies like to talk about how they are doing new things in Web3. But no one hardly ever talks about what Web3 actually is. So I found this post to be nice as it is doing both.

Beginner's Guide to Web 3.0 - What is it?


Next up is a topic that has been talked about a lot over the last half-year or so, if not longer. And that this the ominous-sounding "The Merge" (read with a scarry sounding voice). And if you missed it it is the name Eth has for its move from Profe of Work to Proof of Stake. And Krystal DeFi has done an excellent job at covering, as the title of the post eludes to, the merge: everything you need to know.

The Merge: Everything You Need To Know


The last post I will leave you with is a post by Novasky and in it, he takes a look at the carbon neutral movement. Abd how it is impacting crypto. It is a very interesting area, as are most if not all of his posts. So I hope it will be a nice way to end your reading list.

Carbon Neutral Lobby in Blockchain and Tech


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Just over two months as a writer, have I made any big bucks yet? - My Journey to Financial Freedom


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