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Just over two months as a writer, have I made any big bucks yet? - My Journey to Financial Freedom

Last week I talked about what Financial Freedom would mean for me and what it actually would take for me to achieve it. And I ended up with a number of 625k. But how far has my writing gotten me towards that goal?

Is my writing paying any bills?

So far I have to say no it is not paying any of my bills. Technically I guess it could pay for one or two of the smaller bills. But I will say it does not pay for anything yet. And why is that? Well to be honest I am not really rolling in the doge. Let us take a look at my earnings here at Publish0x.


This is the tip I have gotten here after a little over 2 months' time. While I have a soft goal of making $1 every day here on Publish0x, it is just one of my daily goals here. My other is I try and have as many daily views as I have likes. While this is a recently adopted goal so far it has been going well. My goal before that was to have at least 1k views daily. And the difference between them you might ask, I have just over 1500 likes so far this month. So it is an ok increase, but it is also flexible. My other goal of course is to get as many followers as I can. And I am very proud to just recently have passed 300 followers. My new goal now is to pass 500.

As you can see this month I am actually exceeding my goal of $1 per day which I think is awesome.

Other writing platforms

I have disabled some with other writing platforms like LOOP and Read.Cash my experiment has had some issues. Of the sites, I have tried LOOP has been the one I found worked best for me. But they are situated on the TERRA Blockchain. Yes that TERRA. And I just joined like the week before the crash or something like that. And it has thrown a wrench in my machine, to say the least. They are currently migrating to a new Blockchain, and I will hopefully be able to get back up there when it is done. But so far while it looked good it has resulted in $0 cash in my pocket.

The other sites I have tried I have not been able to "get to work" for me. I do see others using them effectively, but I have not been able to make them work. So that is another $0.

And then there are sites like Hive which is "free" but if you want to be able to use it you need to put some money into it. And that is one thing I do not have at the moment. So the few posts I have made there have not done anything. But then there is also a lot of "look I am cooking food" content. Wich, I basically have 0 interest in. So I am a bit torn about that site.

Other ways to earn money

I have had some luck regarding this. I did partake in the Upland writing contest that they had here. And I was able to place in the second group of winners there. Which was totally awesome. My first-ever writing contest and I won something. It was $20 but still, it was $20 more than I had before. =)

I have also entered a mem-contest that Symbiosis hosted. And I managed to be one of the five winners there too. And that netted me a massive 650 SIS tokens. Currently worth ~$150. While it did take some time for me to get my winnings, me noticing I won a little late, I eventually got them.


My winning entry in the Symbiosis mem-contest, and they have in fact changed the green tone to a more eye-pleasing one. And I claim full credit for that happening

I have also tried to partake in some AMAs where they raffle off crypto to participants. But I have not had any luck there. Thanks to Twitter and the fact I cant get my twitter to work as it should. But this can have big potential in the future.

That is where I am sitting at the current moment, on a pretty small pile of around $230. Which for two months is not the best for sure. But I am still very happy with that. And I am looking forward to seeing what I am able to do in the future as well.

I hope that you have found this post interesting. And if you have any questions for me feel free to leave them in the comment section down below. And I will try and get to them as fast as I possibly can.

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I have also just started a new series of weekly posts, that will go live every Friday. You can catch the seventh and previous step here:

What is Financial Freedom to me? - My Journey to Financial Freedom


See you on the interwebs!

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