Carbon Neutral Lobby in Blockchain and Tech

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 1 Jul 2022

Ever since Greta thunberg and the powers behind her pushed for the Carbon neutral propaganda in tech. The world has been kept hostage and being taxed on and in fact being forced to adjust with the hyper environmentalist. The fact out there is that some amount of pollution will always be there as we have moved far ahead from the fact that zero pollution won't be possible on many terms out there.

Now that we are on the topic of Pollution and Carbon Neutral world, let's take a look at how the Blockchain is blocked by the carbon neutral lobbies and how the tech companies are being kept hostage on green taxes. And how exactly this world behind the mainstream headlines work.

We Move Factories to 2nd and 3rd World, We Blame them for Pollution

I remember in 1990s when I was a kid, I used to read about how some Imperialist nations started moving their factories to the Asia (Specifically China, India, Vietnam and others). And how they have started giving jobs to those nations. At first it feels like oh look how good those nations are by uplifting those economies, how good they are doing for the poor. But then over a period of time reality started hitting.

Most of the 1st world nations moved the factories which used to cause pollution. 2nd and 3rd world people needing the money took it on themselves just to uplift their economy. They took the fall of the pollution meanwhile doing bidding for the 1st world people. Electronics, chemicals and everything that causes high pollution in air and ocean is now moved to Africa, Asia and South American poor nations.

By doing this 1st world nation has took the higher ground as they hold no control on ground or in any way for the pollution caused. The wars, poverty and the lifestyle issues are moved away from their land to another land. And 1st world nation just can't be held accountable for the pollution on any terms. It was a setup from the start.

Hyper Environmentalist Lobby to Bully

Have you seen those Instagram users who are like "oh look I had organic this and that"? Yeah those type of people raise their own self to become the environmentalist one day. They collect data from the online website, put up powerpoint presentation and then lecture the world in TEDX for how environment is being damaged. Calling out names to rich people with "How dare you? destroy my future world". These lobbies gain strength through United Nations and other big events.

They bully the small nations who are running the factories of the everyday products that are being used by the 1st world people. This lobby shuts its mouth by taking funds from the rich people or companies. They want everything to be free from the pollution and they control a specific domain where they want those things done. They don't work towards a solution but they want to keep companies and rich people hostage.

Blockchains Cause Pollution

I get the point that most of the nations out there make use of the coal based energy for generating the electricity or any other form of the power that is required by large population. Hydro, Solar and Wind is yet to take the form that we need in near future, and that too in the 2nd and 3rd world implementation would be taking decades from here.

So though blockchains don't cause the pollution directly the source of power they take decides the pollution. And I feel that is being too extreme. Because the solar and wind resources are getting popular lately and it's not like they would make the world carbon neutral in one day or one year. It's decade or even 20-30 year long process and would not be easy for entire world to adopt this in one go.

Now all these arguments aside, how does this affect us in context of the health, bills and the future of blockchain. I feel the hyper environmentalist are being too much negative on pollution. Instead of halting blockchain development their focus should be preaching the EV in tropical regions and the places where EV safe movement can be preached. Also solar and wind energy in the regions where it can benefit the nations would be another good thing to consider as well.

Sometimes we have to put the efforts into the positive rather than creating negative scenario and making everyone panic.

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