Theta EdgeCloud Image to Video GenAI Model

Theta EdgeCloud Image to Video GenAI Model


Theta has done it again, and in a short time frame. Theta brings you Image to Video Generative AI (GenAI). This comes from their partnership with Stability AI which compliments Theta's own work from 2015 which is already protected by a Theta patent.

Image to Video AI is a new concept to me, perhaps it is for you as well. Let's start by learning some new terms, then jump into how it works. 

GenAI Image to Video Terms

DiTs: AKA Diffusion Transformer, in short, is a class of diffusion models, based upon the transformer architecture. To improve the performance of diffusion models by replacing the commonly used U-Net backbone via a transformer. 

GANs: Generative Adversarial Networks, consist of two neural networks, a generator and a discriminator, which work in together creating and refining.

  • The generator creates video frames,
  • The discriminator evaluates their realism, refining the output through iterative training.

Video LDMs: latent diffusion models, which are video models that train main generative model(s) in a latent space of reduced computational complexity.

These three components work together and are trained on datasets, consisting of Images as well as Videos. Hence, learning patterns to predict such things as movement and then extrapolated to video

Where will this new GenAI Tech be used?

  • Advertising: AI-generated videos for targeted advertising campaigns. Personalized ad's anyone?
  • Education: Educational content creation, including instructional videos and virtual tutors. And Students cheating on exams, etc.
  • Healthcare: medical imaging (reading X-ray, CT Scans, MRI's), patient education delivered via in room electronic boards, and virtual health consultations
  • Media and Entertainment: Considered a large market segment, leveraging AI to create animations, visual effects, and content generation. This is already being done but expect to see a large uptick in this domain.
  • I expect this growing area to bring about many new use cases, have you already come with up use cases?





Theta EdgeCloud Image to Video Resources

Try out Image to Video yourself

Theta EdgeCloud Model Explorer


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EdgeCloud AI Show case is growing, at times feels like some new tech comes out weekly. Know that Theta is not resting at these first iteration offerings! Theta is hard at work improving all these new features and functions.  How long before you are creating Video's based on this GenAI?

Credits - Image - from Stability.AI website

Disclaimer - I am not an employee nor an agent of Theta Network nor , although it sounds super exciting!

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Theta Network basics in bite size pieces
Theta Network basics in bite size pieces

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