Why is Publish0x better than other blockchain-based social media? Things that should be improved.
Why is Publish0x better than other blockchain-based social media? Things that should be improved.

By the01crow | the01crow | 8 Jan 2020

I've done several reviews, analyzing different platforms, although some of them have great features such as:

Trybe This platform has a system of ranges which allows them to give an amount of trybe (tokens), has a system of checking publications, you have to write a minimum amount of words, go through the revision they have, the niche is oriented to cryptocurrency and similar issues, chat system, messaging, group creation, airdrops, make good answer, but it lacks something, the price of the token is very low, perhaps in the future will rise and worthwhile.

memo.cash This platform, has several options between creating surveys, is similar to a twitter, is based on bitcoin cash, you have to create, your wallet of bitcoincash save the phrases, a dynamic community, has a market of SPL tokens, I liked quite a lot to use it.

uptrennd This platform is the closest thing to Publish0x, due to the horizontal voting system, but there is a feature that makes it interesting and is that here the points are used to move up levels and get more profits, another use of the points is that it can be used to increase visits or stay in trending.

Mind This one has a payment wall, subscription, among other options.


Masmic  Both platforms work similarly, that is, they create publications and give rewards to the best comments, in addition to being able to create your publication, it serves to give publicity.

Tipestry Here any content, is transformed into 1 image, gain tipping in doge, ethereum, bitcoin, ltc, but is very small and lacks functionality.


Flote app

Both platforms are recent and promising, one in bitcoin, the other in bitcoincash.

Now, each platform has different functionalities, but they don't have that magic that publish0x has that being agnostic, and the value of the users' vote is considerable, for many the best way to get BAT apart from the brave browser, the publications don't have an expiration date like in steemit, which only last 7 days and can't generate more income.

The community that usually makes life, here and the quality of the posts is better than in many other platforms, and it is something that is valued.

Although this platform has more functionalities, as others do, such as paywall, paid subscribers, being able to create surveys, even having the funds available to reward comments, it would take this platform to another level, besides finding a way to add more crypts to give rewards or tipping.

Another thing that would be good to improve is that the home page could be added even more topics, so that other types of content have better visibility.


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