Let's talk about Noise.cash

Let's talk about Noise.cash

By the01crow | the01crow | 19 Jan 2021


Noise.cash is a platform which gives you fractions of bitcoin cash through interactions you do and also receive in your publications, is quite interesting because the platform gives you to give away to other users allowing you to keep a percentage from 20 to 80% of the funds they give you to give away, this % goes directly to your bitcoin cash wallet, so think about being generous or stingy, it will have its advantages.

It has fairly simple rules to follow, which are not to ask or exchange votes, followers, ask them to subscribe to your profile, not to post erotic or pornographic content, illegal content, no insults, extremism or glorification of terrorism.

How to earn bitcoincash? fractions, when you enter the platform you configure your wallet to put the bitcoin cash address that will receive the tipping of other users.

The best ways to get interactions are to run contests and give away fractions of the funds that the platform gives you daily and that are random in amount, they can vary from $0.03 to $0.16, when you run contests you will get followers quickly and this will give you a considerable advantage since it means that more users will see each of your publications the chances to monetize phrases, thoughts, or simply links to publications on other platforms, or support in contests that perform increase the more you have influence within the platform.


One of the characteristics of Noise.cash are the chambers, they are thematic groups where the users subscribe and follow each of the updates that other users do in that chambers, there is a publication of a user called cryptostorys quite good.

Noise.cash is easy to use, it could even help people with 0 knowledge of cryptocurrencies to start entering this world using the platform, winning fractions of coins and having fun learning in the different contests that other users make and also make their own contests.

A deeper look at noise.cash:


If we analyze how the noise.cash feed works, we find mainly 4 elements at the top.

1. The subscription feed: When you subscribe to a series of users, you have an exclusive window to see the content they make, and so do those who subscribe to our profile.

2. Chambers, are thematic communities where users are grouped, depending on the content you do is the place par excellence where you go and publish from there, it should be noted that if you are not English speaking, the default page sends you to chambers of your language.


So look for the equivalent of the chamber in English if not the default niche, you may have more subscribers, it is important to seek the greatest number of views.

3. Explore, would be the feed of the whole platform, you will see in real time each of the publications of each user.


4. They would be your notifications, these could be when you subscribe to a profile and activate the campaign, as well as see when other users are tipping you, and noise.cash gives you fractions to share with other users.

In this way we understand better noise.cash, seek to get followers to vote for our publications, generate interaction in our competitions and share what the platform gives us.

How do I tipp other users?



When we click on the $ symbol in a comment, a bar will be displayed with the different amounts that we want to give, in addition to the % that we want to receive. Personally, I would recommend only keeping the 20% which is transferred directly to your bitcoincash wallet, both what you give and the votes you receive.

It is recommended, not to vote for empty comments, spammers encouraging behaviors that show no effort, make good comments, and even distribute what noise.cash gives you in the form of contests or task, remember the rules, the more interactions you have the more the platform gives you to share.


When you make comments that have content, you are rewarded, perhaps by the one who asks a question or perhaps another user who liked your answer.

You can also give away bitcoincash, when you give QR in the commentary and transfer to the address that appears.

Now that we know this option, we can do task, contests, and different activities, I recognize the potential for advertising within the platform, due to the amount of users that make life there.


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