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By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 22 Jul 2021

Sit down dear pupils! I am your new crypto-exchange teacher. Please call me PVM!

Today we'll do the register quickly and than we'll talk about SwapSpace, the instant crypto exchange aggregator with over 500 coins and tokens available for exchanges. The lesson will be divided in three parts: the introduction, the platform analysis and the market comparison. You may think this above your IQ but you are wrong ... SwapSpace is not  rocket science!



Hey Jonny... what do you think SwapSpace is?

Well sir! I assume is a space where you can swap!

Jonny is right! SwapSpace is the crypto exchange that allows users to compare the rates provided by 15 exchanges and chose the desired option. The innovation comes from non-custodial swaps without creating an account, KYC or sharing sensitive data! SwapSpace challanged the exchange market with 450 cryptocurrencies, fixed or floating rates, no additional fees, no limits and 24/7 support


The rates from the partner exchanges are collected and displayed, offering instant crypto exchange at the same rate from the integrated service. Using SwapSpace will never add extra commissions and the conversion rate includes all the exchanges fees.

The Affiliate Program will reward the users that are using their referral link or integrate the service via API with 50% of the SwapSpace share. The minimum swap amount varies between $2 and $20, with no upper limits. The transactions will be completed in 5 to 60 minutes, depending on the token and the blockchain capacity but most of the swaps are completed in minutes.


Platform analysis

Anyone knows any cryptocurrencies? Raise your hand up!

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Ripple and Banano ... my favourite crypto!

Well done Nirvana! Alucard you want to answer aswell or you need another toilet break? Please don't say again that AMPL is a stablecoin!

Sir ... I know some crypto ... Pi, Doge and MILF! Doge to the moon sir!

You are right with MILF, as we all would like to fund some mothers but you are totally wrong with Pi! That's a time wasting, energy consuming project that doesn't even have a blockchain! Sit down and be quite for the rest of the lesson! 


As an exchange aggregators, SwapSpace will search for the best rates, allowing customers to surf and analyze all the offers from all major exchanges. The main vision is hustle free fast exchanges, and this is offered my over 60,000 exchange pairs, with the top rates in one page. The ever trending Polygon is available, Bitcoin, Ethereum, LUNA, and many more, but I had no clue that MILFs are hanging on SwapSpace !


The customers can opt between fixed and floating rates, depending on their interest. The floating rate will affect the exchange based on market volatility, receiving more or less coins. The fixed rate will freeze the rates for a period of time, between 15 and 120 minutes, when the customer will deposit the amount and receive the estimated amount.

I wanted to change one Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in Binance USD. The exchange rate was 1 BCH = 445 BUSD, a similar rate to the Coingecko value. The first tab (You Send) must contain the token changed by the customer and the second tab (Yout Get) must contain the desired coin or token.


Pressing "View Offers" will open the available range of parings. SwapSpace only provides exchange rates from their partners and in case of KYC requirements or flowing rates, the customer must accept them to continue with the transaction. StealthEX offered the best rate but Simple Swap had the better reviews and more votes. Not accepting the exchange rate will take the customer back at the dashboard.


SimpleHold is the SwapSpace recommended option for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and many more. Users can chose to install it as a browser extension and make crypto transactions even easier than now.


I filled the  destination wallet and completed the BCH refund address, in case the transaction will fail. I left the floating rate on as Bitcoin Cash transactions are quick. Terms and conditions must be agreed before confirming the exchange.


Once the Bitcoin Cash will reach StealthEX, the exchange will be complete and $441.50 BUSD will be sent. The note says that the exchange time can be up to one hour but Bitcoin Cash is fast, the real peer2peer currency.


The transaction can be checked on the Swap Tracker. Watch the SwapSpace video guide for converting BTC in Ethereum to understand how easy can be to get rid of shitcoins.

Market Comparison

For the last part pf the lesson we will do a market comparison. Jeremy ... do you know what is a comparison?

Yes sir! Comparing means evaluating two or more things to determine which characteristics are similar and which are different.

Wow! Impressive! I will tip you some iFARM!


Before using SwapSpace, I tried ChangeNow and SwapZone after few months. Many will agree that SwapZone and SwapSpace are looking similar but rest assure they have nothing in common.

ChangeNow is a non-custodial service created to simplify cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange is easy to use, with maximum security and fast exchange transactions between 170 available coins, including Fiat. Back in 2020, ChangeNow was different than other exchange platforms because it didn't need registration. The next generation of aggregators , such as SwapSpace, integrated the feature as a standard.


SwapZone was promoted as a top exchange aggregator, working with 10 exchange partners. The transparent swap service is offering a selection of exchange rates. The minimal amount required for exchange varies between $10 and $50, for over 300 assets.


ChangeNow have a marginally better rating on TrustPilot, but SwapSpace compensates with more pairs and the multitude of tokens integrated for swaps. ChangeNow is not an crypto-exchange aggregator while SwapZone doesn't have a clear affiliate program. With over 60,000 trading pairs, SwapSpace goes above and beyond to achieve customer satisfaction.

The wide range of swap pairs makes it easy to get rid of crypto with no potential and the low fees are making the process hustle free!

SwapSpace matched the current demands for transparent transactions and respects the customer's privacy as no account is required.

Your homework will be to create either a comparison table or a spider diagram with SwapSpace advantages. Class dissmised! See you all tomorrow!




ChangeNow : magical exchange without making an account!

Is SwapZone rocket science?

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