Has Stellar's $125,000,000 Lumens Airdrop Ended?

Has Stellar's $125,000,000 Lumens Airdrop Ended?

I Googled "free crypto" three days ago, and eventually found a link to the free Blockchain Wallet.  The heading was We Are Giving Away $125,000,000 of Stellar XLM.  Was this real, or was this a scam?  Turns out this airdrop was announced back on November 2018!  Was I too late to take part? 


If you live in a country where the offer was valid, and had your Blockchain Wallet account verified to Gold Status (phone camera pics of the front and back of your driver's license, selfie, and selfie holding your ID), you were eligable to receive an airdrop of XLM into your Blockchain Wallet.  From my research, some people have posted they received $22-25 worth of XLM in reviews on the Google Play Store.  Others have complained they have not received any XLM.  I found airdropalert.com (great site) listed this airdrop, but there was no word on whether or not the giveaway was still available.  


I decided to take the plunge and install the Blockchain Wallet app on my phone.  Within an hour of first installing the app, I had received the airdrop.  To my surprise, my wallet was credited with 416.666665 XLM, valued around $48!




So the answer for me was YES!  The giveaway is still ongoing!  I would encourage everyone to take part in this airdrop if it is available in your country!  


What are your thoughts about Stellar?  Would you HODL the new XLM in your wallet, or would you swap it for another cryptocurrency?


Cover art credit: Cryptoslate

Last edited on September 11, 2020

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