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The Fascination
The Fascination

The Fascination

In this blog I tackle the crypto world from the view of a true beginner, more used to 401ks and index funds than DeFi, DEX, and DOGE. I share reviews and unexpected complications in pursuit of the fascination.

Will BetFury Become an AltCoin Faucet? The First Wave of AltCoin Spring comes to the Gambling Platform

31 Mar 2021 5 minute read 21 comments PopPopPrego

I have been using BetFury for several weeks now and have written a couple of times about how I try to gain a steady supply of BTC and BNB without losing too much to their sneaking gambling tricks (here is one article). There are two things I have lea...

It's Simple. Play Games for Crypto. Does The RollerCoin Way Pay? Mmm-Hmm!

28 Mar 2021 5 minute read 19 comments PopPopPrego

Maybe because my brain is 2 sizes too small, or maybe because every time I try to get going off the gassy ETH chain I get sneak-attacked by KYC hostage-taking or told by some bot somewhere that I don't know what a parking meter is... Or maybe because...

Why Did KuCoin Sneak Up and Leave A Shiny Turd on Me? A KYC Cautionary Tale of Sadness and Rage

27 Mar 2021 4 minute read 62 comments PopPopPrego

I can't claim to know if what happened to me is because I live in the USA, which I am learning quickly is one of the worst countries to try to enjoy Cryptoworld. I hope so for all your sake, but in case not, you should read what my experience has bee...

NANO Got Spammed - What is NANO, and How Did the Fastest Crypto Get Hobbled?

23 Mar 2021 8 minute read 8 comments PopPopPrego

This post introduces The Basics of a pretty cool cryptocurrency, but also looks at the recent beatdown that is still rippling out from the Spam attack. In other words, this is an intro-level post at the beginning with a bit more of a deep dive at the...

Craving The ONE RING vs Hiding from Mordor - A Tortured Tolkein Analogy for Whether Presearch is Worth It

18 Mar 2021 11 minute read 33 comments PopPopPrego

When the #SearchWithPresearch writing competition I was pretty pumped. I think I have read all the PublishOx articles that come out on Presearch, I use it every day and thought it was a pretty great product. However, as I poked around Presearch and s...

Which Free Faucets are Flowing Fastest? My Blockbuster Review of 13 Faucets

16 Mar 2021 11 minute read 28 comments PopPopPrego

The Takeaway I report my experiences with 13 free crypto faucets (what on Earth am I doing with my life?????????) I really like and happily refer you to Cointiply, BetFury, and RollerCoin, and if NANO is your thing, then TipNano app, too I think the...

Can Someone with NO Technical Skills Make Money Mining Cryptocurrency?

13 Mar 2021 8 minute read 52 comments PopPopPrego

Let's get the headline out of the way right now: I just deposited $120 of BTC in my wallet , simply from mining on a laptop.  How did that happen? I have confessed how Brave browser was my first crypto gateway drug, and how the many lures of free cry...

7 Steps to Getting Your Skeptic Friends into Cryptoworld Using NFT Games

10 Mar 2021 8 minute read 9 comments PopPopPrego

The Takeaway The hype around NFTs provides a perfect opportunity to show your Skeptic friends why Cryptoworld can be fun and profitable I walk through 7 steps to prepare any Skeptic friend to have fun in Cryptoworld by playing my favorite NFT game,...

Is BetFury Burying Tron?

6 Mar 2021 4 minute read 15 comments PopPopPrego

The internet gambling/cryptofaucet/cryptostaking/raccoon-enthusiast site BetFury announced this week that they are proposing fusing their two house tokens into a single token, BFG. At the time I joined the site, BetFury had two tokens, one pegged to...

What I Earned in my First 30 Days as a Writer for PublishOx, Plus Noise.Cash and Brave Browser

4 Mar 2021 5 minute read 26 comments PopPopPrego

Recently, I finished my first month as a writer here. It has been really, really fun, and a lot of work. I will get to the numbers, don't worry, but let me start by saying that compared to anything else I do with my professional time, practically eve...