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Crazy Defense Heroes starting to offer TOWER tokens! *Time Limited!!!*

By PopPopPrego | The Fascination | 21 Apr 2021

A lot of us probably have filled our phones with fun free-to-play games that help us pass the time on busses, grocery lines, classes and work meetings (haha - that must be a joke, those are always interesting). What if suddenly you could earn crypto tokens for playing one of these games? 

It is happening RIGHT NOW!

The game with the silly name - Crazy Defense Heroes - has announced that they are adding the chance to earn a new blockchain token called TOWER. This is an add-on to an existing, mature gameplay environment. Here is the heart and soul of their announcement:

Players of Crazy Defense Heroes who gain a minimum of 25,000 Experience Points (XP) during the month of April 2021 will share a reward pool of 300,000 TOWER tokens. No further action is required on your part — simply play CDH and your activity will be tracked for future entitlement to TOWER tokens.

It looks like they want consistent engagement and will be recycling the token pool idea every month. So, if you earn your 25,000 XP each month, you should get a share of this pool, whether you are a new or veteran player of this game. They also have another game, Crazy Kings, but I don't know anything about that. 

Crazy Defense Heroes is a pretty fun tower defense game. It has all the bells and whistles that you would expect - multiple types and classes of towers and attackers, upgrades, side quests, missions, domains to conquer, lots of different enemies and within each enemy type lots of different enemies with special abilities. I just started playing, but I would say my best advice is to pay attention to upgrading your defenders!!

TOWER is earned for cumulative XP earning, but the app doesn't show you how you are doing overall, just within each level. The developers say that 25,000 XP is "roughly" what you earn from 40 battles. If you play a little bit each day you should be able to have some fun and also get crypto!! Win-Win? Yes, please!

I would love for this kind of experiment to take off. In my experience so far, blockchain games are like much more boring versions of games all of us can play whenever we want, so we're just doing it for the chance to earn crypto. But these free-to-play (F2P) games tend to be much better, investing a lot in variety and graphics so that users themselves will want to invest their $$$ in doing better. Just think how flippin' cool it would be if your favorite F2P games launched crypto as a side bonus rather than as the main deal?!? Let's give it a try and see if this is the first of a wave of similar ventures to follow, OK fellow Cryptonauts?

Here are the links to the app (from the app developer themselves, so I think they're OK...but if you don't trust URL shorteners, just search for "Crazy Defense Heroes"): 


Google Play: 

Good luck!!




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