The Raise of Privacy


The Raise of Privacy Coins: Pt 3

(Part 1                                                                         ( Part 2



Privacy is Inevitable Mostly due to The Government Its self, The Pros Beat the Cons.


Because of the True Nature of our Corrupted Mafia disguised as Politicians, We have reached a point were the system is suffocated with corruption and distorted Laws and regulations.  So much to the Fact that even the simple life necessity going to work has been Manipulated. Your Extorted with Tax, With an already Estimated income that would Hopefully allow to combine with The cost of Living.  Under the Data of the Consensus, Employers then find what are competitive Salary as well as were is too much as well as how High Price can go.  Were are Governments are forced or because we let them, Go into debt in our name along with are wealth that has been leading us all ECONOMIC SLAVERY to a Private Central Bank

Ever wonder why Large Corporate and small Businesses Get huge Tax cuts when they do not spend on there Employees? Ever wonder why the government gives tax cuts to the super rich and the 5 to 9 in % pays more tax. Thus killing his percentage of chance of saving money he can invest to financially grow? Most have zero at the end of there pay frame.  Your Tax go to Pharma that poison you, Monopolize by Universal medicare.. They go to Labs in China and USA to do Gain of function That would Increase Virus Power to kill us. Bail out banks , Aid to other Countries That never gets there... All this is to keep the Power in the Hands of who has it already. Its more simple to Oppress the populations wealth its the same thing as making more but instead Giver greater value to what you have already.

Like i said in Part 2, The system is made to Suffocate so you would have no way out? and those who do are called Black Market criminal Terrorists and much more. Like every thing it has good and bad. Properly dissected, There people that do not abide by the rules of there governments or Under sovereign law. I get why one Falls under the deep depression Illusion that the System Provides to most of the Public. There right, to believe that there is Nothing to look forward to and they feel Hopeless and go on watching TV work to pay the Bill and lose the ability to even Try. Not even question what the Government tells you to do alone with Saying to your self " what can i do". Its sad i really have to say, But more People fall under this reallity because the Systemic problem that are governments have done everything to oppress us. Were most is Uneducated an filled with governmental Propaganda. Were there left building Thoughts on a false reality.  "How can you be right if what you were told was false?"

There is a simple way to Abolish this Grasp of Control that seems to never go away, Time and Time again there have been Good people in Governments. We do not seem to see much of them because they seem to last little time in there Positions, Some have been Killed in cold Blood as well as Boombarded with Propaganda  to be forced to leave and IRS charges... Just to name a few Abraham Lincoln, JFK...                                                     Central Banks have Enforced there way into  Governments an built  a Empire of debt that allows Then to Control the financial oppression of a Nation. Thus living off the sweat of The Nations and Shit the World in there image as if there were God. The Good Governments that have  had a chance to create a world of freedom have all wanted the end of Central banks seems to be a common thing for those who understand Politic an share a different view Then the ever so common Trash we see today. 

    " If the People Only Understood the Rank Injustice of our Money and Banking System, There would be a Revolution by Morning" A. Jackson

So if Money seems to be there Root of power given it Branches out to all areas of life, Like Leverage on Governments by Financial Threat or Gain. History shows that Central banks have been a threat to Nations by the Power it hold when in Place, I cant help but be Confused as to why there still exist one? 


 What Privacy By default at the Protocol level can do to change this?

The solution to the never ending problem has been to abolish the Central Banks Power hold as it seems to always come back in to existence even after its end, Well at least in the USA. The Persistence in the Existence of the Central bank Comes from the Power that comes with Financial Bribery with Human Nature of corruption. This would and should lead you to the conclusion that this can not be controled? So why give the Power? 

With A True Private Crypto Like Monero (XMR) , Piratechain (ARRR) Would Offer you an everyone the Chance to reach True Economic Freedom, The Ability to Have a real say in your Social, Health along with any area in the Public Structure. This would Give the Solution to Abolishing the Central Bank, As well as eliminating the chance of an other group of Corrupted Government Politics Manipulating the Public from an other Central debt Banking System. Yes be for this Tech was not out there, Be for there really was no way out there because who controls Money Controls the Nation. Money Makes everything Move. 

But now we have no excuse, There is no reason that people should not take things in there own Matter anymore. It is so simple to buy Cypto a 3 year old can do it. The Next step would be start excepting and trading with Crypto. The fees are not as crazy as Bitcoin and not to the point were it would be more then 20, 30 cents With ARRR.  Yeah Getting refunds and Making Mistakes you can lose you crypto for  good. But is is not a better trade off then submit to the BS we have to live with now?  The Changes That Monero/Piratechain will bring are endless when lookiing at what will happen to the free market. The BS regulations will be abolished that oppress small Business as well as people will have more to save more and thus create more. An other will be the change in Mentality, The depression created By this System of oppression brings would be lifted in most ways. There would be more hope as it would be more fair to fight for economic security.  Things would change so much i believe that Crypto would not be the only way to trade. I would believe that more old school trades would take place as well.  Private be default Crypto Gives a great chance Fight back with ZERO War, alI you an everyone needs to do is turn your backs

You have the option to Show your ID when sending Monero as well as Pirate chain. So when you are doing Business you can keep a book keep, There is no real problem that would conflict with the way we do thing now, Beside that fact Refunds and sending to the wrong address. Other then that, If you copy & Past your good, When buying you can ask for invoice. This change would be more privacy. Between you and the seller or what ever. The Pros Out Number the cons of this Fiat central corrupted baking system.... That just a fact.

The only reason this Idea of Crypto Like Monero solveing the problem only comes because Governments with Central Banks Became the Problem. In a way its a good thing that these crazy Elites did this. Because Monero/ Pirate chain Not only solve the problem that became, It eliminated it. I guess This would be the case were The Central Bank sickos were the ones that created Monero and Pirate chain. 

"When one exists so will its opposite"

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The Fall of Bitcoin (BTC), The Raise of Privacy
The Fall of Bitcoin (BTC), The Raise of Privacy

Why Bitcoin will fall sooner Then Later, Followed By the Raise in True Private Crypto. When will the Government learn as well as how fast will People catch on. Track and Trace is not the way of the feature, KYC is the death of any Crypto as BTC will see its final days because of it. True Privacy and Why? Freedom is what humans desire, Privacy is the only way to get it. Time and time again we see the same Scam, Financial oppression of the Middle-Class Privacy By Default

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