The Raise of Privacy coins

      The Raise of Privacy Coins & Why it`s Inevitable.  Pt 1  

So why the Raise of Privacy Coins ? 

In the First part of this Blog i said that Bitcoin well Fall Sooner then Later, The Reason why ,Is always the same With Any Coin That is not Private By default at The Protocol Level.  A Track & Trace Surveillance Coin.  Have we not had enough of Government Corruption? We all Know were are TAX go`s, It certainly is not for the better of The so called "Public Social Structure". The USA  an some Have already come out with scare Tactics That  TAX on Crypto will be high and Strictly Investigated.  Witch both are very real, The Block Chain`s  are transparent. Just not to say the Problems KYC has already given and will give!.. Its UTTERLY an TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!                                                                                                                                                                     I also Stated That the Reasons That KYC is FORCED, Is simply to take there Cut, Cloaked in the form of "The Better For the Public Structure". Called TAX    To to Prevent Terrorist Funding You would have to stop paying TAX, That Fund War Weapons Manufacturers That sell to anyone! Now for the so called "Money laundering" That just means Not paying Tax... What if it was Because You did not want to fund Government Criminal Activity. That would make you 100% a Accessory to Crime?. Just not to say were is the Peaceful an God given right to Opt out? The Option to become a Activest. Were You can become an Activist with your Money to see what you think Along with the Community were a form of tax could go for the Better of all.                                In short ,  " There is no Economic Freedom! , No choice. 



Were is the Freedom?

Simply there is little to None, An Day by Day more an more seem to be gone...  The Problem is not them, The Problem is way more simple then that.           The Problem is the Average Uneducated Joe, They Have no clue how Money works, They submit to anything...  An most seem to be OK with Dependency.    What makes this possible is the Fact most 9 to 5 workers that are out there with two kids, have 16 yrs of education that Never educates you on how the World Really Works. Still in Debt 5 yr After School, No time to Educate them self Nor are most even capable of Critical Thinking, The system is designed for this to happen.  If i am not Mistaken, The American Dream and the Promise of The Western World was sold to the People with the Idea of The Almighty Man would Provide his Family with everything they needed. All with a 9 to 5 Factory Job. He would Build his House and create his Dreams... Have a 100% Free Market, An for a short time he did.

But the history of added Tax! and the Need for more Government Funding to Create and Structure a  Modern Society, For the Better of The Public.  Foreign Aid That we all know that never get`s there. The List go`s on an on...  Soon put the Mother well at work were they would only see there kids for 4h a day and talk with them for maybe 1h. TV would be the Baby Sitter, As well as the Social Educator.  They would also not have a saving account if there In Laws or own Parents did not help them out. Thus  Leaving a style of life that was based on Agriculture , Natural foods , Raw diet, Better and Faster Education (Obvious in there time  frame), Economic Freedom , More educated people, More Efficient individuals ,More Independence, An more Secure Wealth. Obviously everything has its Trade off. 

Still i see so many people Filling out Consensus So the government can Tax you and control your financial growth., Paying tax (Being complacent with extortion and even defending it). Going to the same source of Information an Advice, To always ending up with the same results. This is total Lunacy, A repetitive Error of Thinking things Have to Work The way the Government says so or that there is one way for everything. The Problem is Very clear, Most people do not have the Ability to Use there Minds Eye.  They Do not have the ability To play out a Scenario in there mind, Analysis the situation to Then Conclude the Possibilities. Witch then you would match with what best resembles reality, Then can lead you to a very close if not correct assumption of the out come of a situation. An full understanding of the effects it will have on you and Life in it self, An also Understand motives and visions of other parties. (Complete Picture).



How can Privacy Coins Change This?, Why Private by Default at the Protocol Level?

Private By Default at the Protocol Level will Eliminate all the problems that Bitcoin Brings to the Table.                                                                                         If you or anyone cant see anything or just the amounts on the Block Chain, You would have the same Privacy that you would if it were Under Government Structure and Central Bank System. In Fact even more given that every Individual Transactions would be Untraceable. There would be no way to Enforced Tax, No KYC TUMORS, This would be digital sound Money (Cash).  

This alone would give You and Anyone True Economic Freedom, Yes just like cash you will have Illicit Activity just like we do in this System.  That Type of Behavior will never be Eradicated with KYC...  That`s like saying we will all agree with each other all the time... Never Happen...  The Pros beat the Cons in outstanding Numbers. Not like this would change Much in the world given we need most of what already is. But the way thing happen will change Drastically, This would make way to a more Old School Approach in a Independent as well as self Sufficient in all areas in what is Life. Also Create a more custom Governance to a self Governing Community.

In the end an from the beginning of time communities have came together for the better and build there Towns or what ever it was, Either with labor or Funds. So The Idea of some sort of tax or Collaboration is a must is right, But as we know it is it really true?  No. Like most situation`s all depends on the out come that can be agreed on. The way we do things now is Totally and Utterly Unacceptable, We can not have Dictatorship Power like we have seen in the Past. Governments Can not just simply Ask and Acquire Funds in Debt in the Names and Responsibility of there Citizens. Just not to say why go into Debt? Should not a Nation that dose Business with others Should not act as one Business? if so were are the Profits?  Yeah...  A debt base system is bound to collapse.  We will see the end of the Dollar Soon, The way things are going looks like it will be at the hands of the Governments and Central bank its Death, Just to Usher in the GOV Coin, Yet an other Track and Trace spy coin. The Governments reason of Being should be Questioned in every way as well as Redefined. With the Ability of Activest there would be more Diversity in Life Styles,  This Already exists with Nation to Nation, Just not to say State by State in the USA. This would have to be the Best Advantage The USA has over most Nations against there Fed Governments, Very good tool to Distribute power among the People. Rather then centralize it.  With a Private by Default at the Protocol level Crypto Currency, The Opportunity that most People thought Bitcoin was going to give us can and will be Achieved. Privacy by default at protocol level will give you and all total privacy and leave the Citizen Protected from corrupted Governments. The only way they can stop you from transacting with Monero (XMR) is by shutting down the Internet. That will not happen. If they do such, There would be riots and Ungovernable Citizens also the Government own life line of control.

So what would Really stop you from Buying and selling with Privacy coins?

Shutting off the Internet would be in my opinion the Only way, Or people just wont use it. The Second Reason just wont happen Nor would the Fist but. If  i had to chose one that i thought would happen, Shutting off the Internet. Why because with Monero or Any other 100 % Private coin the only Loser would be the Private Central Banks (Mafia).  Thee who control`s the Money supply controls the Nations as well as anyone in it. How?, By Debt, Economic Oppression, Market Manipulation. Yes , Crypto may not be Perfect as you can lose your coins with more ease then if in your traditional Banking system. Or send it to the wrong Person, Yes its not perfect. Nothing really is but this would be the Tool to Extinct The Corrupted Powers that be... If there was ever a way to Dethrone The Mafia, It would be this way. How can they Government Jail all of it citizens or even 50% For that Matter? It simply cant as it will not That s a fact. When the Government loses its Ability to Fund Its Workers and can not Extort Funds from the Citizens The Central Bank Mafia will also lose its Power to enforce enslave along with its  growth. Just Think about it, How much made up money has interest Given Banksters? 1 cent form every American would go to you Bank Account Free of TAX 1x per week. Talk About Passive Income.... This is what makes them have so much power an ever increasing. With a private at the protocol level Crypto Currency. They can t see nothing, They will have no way to control your Financial Freedom. They cant tax you, they wont even know who has it! . This is what we all wanted BITCOIN TO BE! 

You can buy , sell with Crypto like Monero (XMR) That also has the option to send Your ID along with the transaction, If thats what you want when working with Trusted Client`s to keep booking. The Solution is Already out there to fight back an empower the Individual and not the State or banks.          Whats not out there is This Knowledge and Understanding of the mass Population, That has no clue About it or even looking for this Solution


The Great Rafael LaVerde  

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The Fall of Bitcoin (BTC), The Raise of Privacy
The Fall of Bitcoin (BTC), The Raise of Privacy

Why Bitcoin will fall sooner Then Later, Followed By the Raise in True Private Crypto. When will the Government learn as well as how fast will People catch on. Track and Trace is not the way of the feature, KYC is the death of any Crypto as BTC will see its final days because of it. True Privacy and Why? Freedom is what humans desire, Privacy is the only way to get it. Time and time again we see the same Scam, Financial oppression of the Middle-Class Privacy By Default

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