The Raise of Privacy Coins

The Raise of Privacy Coins & Why it`s Inevitable.  Pt 2


Why is Privacy Inevitable?

Simple, Take the First Step an go on like you would any situation an Analyse in its Full (beginning to the end). 

Can you use Bitcoin as if you would cash?


What would be the Reason that would prevent anyone from using Bitcoin as Cash? 

High fees, Very Slow, It would be more likely to fit the Definition of an Asset then a Currency.

Would it be a bad Investment putting my Wealth as well as faith in Bitcoin?

Like everything it all depends on what you so Desire, An you should be fully aware of what you getting into thus do your home work. Like being Tracked & Traced, Highly Taxed. High Fees, No Fungibility Transparent Bank Account.                                                                                                                                          Do not get me wrong This washout to me means nothing, If i were to say that in Feb 2020 The TDV/TCV released a report that BTC would see a huge Correction After seeing new all time high`s No one would of believed it. I say BTC is easy A 100k Be for the end of this year, Even with the The Clown Musk with Wall Street Conveniently Buying on this Massive Correction... ( -( Manipulated or not, Will still reach the 100k with ease more then one would think. Because of the Popularity of BTC  and security of value it has, It will be why an were most New comers will First place there Bets given the promise value and realistic Target of 100k is a Very Confident Bet. So the High an more Secure bet For now is Always Bitcoin, This would be the Huge Reason why anyone would Invest ,Hold an sell for very real Good Returns. 

So why will Bitcoin fall Followed By the Raise of Privacy?

Like everything lets try to see what the feature will bring us along with were you stand in the middle of it. Like everything life changes, As nothing ever stays the same we all seen the World go Mad in less then a month. 2020 should be a good example of how things can change quick then you ever Thought, Seen or even Imagine. What usually stays the same is Human Nature the Good along with the Bad a consistent Fight to those who want control over the ones that want Freedom. Those who are Followers vs Leaders, As well as are dependence to Earth.

Time an Time again as history loves to be Repeated, Governments have the tendency to always over reach there Power over The population. Just not to say Governments have been responsible for the largest Number of deaths/ Genocide of Population by what is called Democide (is a concept proposed by U.S. political scientist Rudolph Rummel  to describe "the Intentional Killing of an unarmed or disarmed person by government agents acting in their Authoritative Capacity and pursuant to government policy or high command." According to Rummel, this definition covers a wide range of deaths, including Forced labor and Concentration Camps victims; killings by unofficial Private Groups; Extrajudicial summary killings; and Mass Death due to governmental acts of criminal omission and neglect such as in deliberate Famines as well as killings by de facto governments, i.e. civil war killings. This definition covers any murder of any number of persons by any government.)

But what they love most is to Oppress your Financial Freedom Eliminate your Opinion (voice), They do this by Market Manipulation, Government Corruption (Robin Hood vs Reddit..) So many ways. They do this because they can, No one is Forced to to Follow the pack. You can Opt out its hard but then easy, Like all changes, everything needs time to Adapt then Normalize to Robotic Routine. The IRS or any Gov Tax Agency Makes sure that anyone that is not on the ok list, Be Hunted and Jailed and that all are oppressed in the same. Yes there are lots people out there in the world that have claimed Millions and Economic security by playing clean.

But why be Extorted When you know the funds will not end up going were it needs to go or were you are told it will?                                                              You Know That tax is collected by a Criminal Band of Thugs.. How Many Scams need to be done that People wake up to the Fact that there funding the Mafia.... That steals there money , Poison there Food/Water. Stunt there Financial Security along with Abolishing there Economic Freedom. Its Lunacy, its Perplex..... How can you change things by always doing the same things!? 

The Idea that Government`s should or not should Exist is not whats at debate, More that the structure is too flawed as well as deeply corrupted.. The big Problem with Centralizing Power is what we see today. Crazy regulations that only serve for the 99%, Food Quality regulations are not based on final Product, Financial regulations are only for the 99%. The FBI/IRS will only go after the 99%. The game is Rigged and who pays for it all to stay in line is us!... Welll Tax and stuff. Keep on feeding the beast and ask very nicely " Go Away" That will work for sure....

The system has total Dominance over most peoples financial life with the structure ever so limiting you with a way out or even fight back. You pay tax when you buy sell or Earn. You can not Conduct  Business without paying All sorts on nonsense like regulations That exist just to Tax, Not even ensure Safety or Quality.. (Eg, Social distance stickers that are Mandatory). This is a problem when Dictatorship comes! Like it has now, We have no idea besides the ones grown from statements By are Gov like -"There’s talk that the Biden Administration is considering a massive 80% crypto capital gains tax going around." ( ) add " U.S. Treasury calls for stricter cryptocurrency compliance with IRS, says they pose tax evasion risk" - ( ). So in a week they say tax will be high, Then say more compliance. Lets Add that the Blockchain is Transparent so the KYC will be the compliance they so wish.  Bank of England Bailey on crypto: " Be prepared to lose all your money" ( ) They will end up suffocating it like the already in place Centralized fiat Dictatorship hell. They will suck your wealth one way or an other rather you like it or not. They will do this all by KYC, Remember KYC track and trace could leave your withdraw held and investigated. They suffocate it on purpose so there can never exist the opposite.Why do you think Government spend so much money on Sociology and waste millions with banks, that make millions on us already? They do everything to work against you. With your funds and lives.. Thats why all this extra Unnecessary  Financial Oppression is for. To do anything and improve  there system of control along with prevent from losing it. Why do you think the life time objective for a world government exist? Its to have everybody the same, An its opposite never exist or be seen lived out (Possible), leave you Beaten and Hopeless with the narrow vision "thing will never change". 

This to keep there Power an shift the World in there Image as well as Full Control, Clearly not all is bad but most is corrupt. We can not have this super power Over the whole Population. So in the End when Bitcoin Hits 100K +, What are you going to do? How much are you going to be left with after tax?    You cant use it like cash... Unless your willing to pay more for the Transfer then what you buy... What is it your going to do? Hold till the Government changes Ideas? Right now one can still get out an avoid the already in place Tax. But whats coming is not going to be pretty! No matter how Happy the Sheeple are because they got The Jab! , The Economy is dead, The Fiat currency is cancer. The Debt to the Central banks are way to high! Nor should it even exist. The Collapse has already Started and day by day your going to see food go Sky high... Then Hyper inflation... So it looks like even if you are fine with the high tax and given your cash to the Mafia, What ever your left with will Vanish Faster then you Think.  I truly do not Know what type of world people think is creeping up on us. But vaccine passports , The Gov coin.... Klaus  Schwab " You will own nothing and be happy" What ever the feak that means. So what ever is next is not going to be good for the 99%...  To be Honest it really dos not even have to happen if we chose for it not to.



So why are Privacy coins inevitable? 

So if the KYC Along with Transparent Block chain, This will allow anyone to unfortunately one day have a transaction Blocked, Investigated or be harassed By a Tax Agency. What you really think " I lost it" will cut it?  Remember you have to prove it.. Even if it is truly lost... Oh yes! The IRS will soon knock on every coinbase Debt Card to match all those Unknown Address That will not be hard to do. 

This is why Privacy By Default at the Protocol Level is Important, This would be the Only way to ensure True Anonymity.  There would be no way to Force KYC Measures that lead to all sorts of nonsense. There would be no one that would know How much you have in your Crypto Account. Quote Obama " A Swiss bank account in your Pocket, That so Impenetrable you cant get in. There would be no way to tax". With KYC that is all possible to match Address to conclude a Proper Tax file from the Block Chain Data Base. Like i said in the Beginning Tax is not the Problem, The Problem is the Systemic Monopolized Corruption Of the Government Central Banks.... That do all in There Power to Oppress you in anyway they can with your Money! Collected by Tax. 

So not only are Privacy Coins away around the Dirty Playing Field that Bitcoin and all Crypto Track & Trace coins have become. This could be a Tool to achieve the Economic Empowerment ever so needed to the Individual. They Cant Tax you if they cant see anything on the Block Chain, They Cant Enforce KYC Tumors to Extort you, They Have no Power other then use Violent Force on you to Comply. But even that would be Very Hard to play out. Like i said the Block Chain will not record Nothing that can Identify you. This would Create the ever so needed Reality of defunding the Corrupted Government, This time on our terms. Not Friends and Family being the Judge ... Like I said this would bring True Economic Freedom to all. More Wealth that would be Secure in value. Yes there are lot of down side like everything, But if  you do the math Pros out number Cons. 

This would give the chance for all Nations Make there Governments Submit to There People, Just not to say Turning the Table of Power in Full.           With Privacy Coins Government cant Survive, If they cant Tax how will they pay the Lynch Men? They simply cant, That would put " The People " Back in Power. Simply because Privacy Coins would Eliminate The Power to Enforce anything, With the lose of Central control over your personal Finance and Freedoms That come with the loss of a Central Bank an Central transparent data base That was used to Spy on the 99%. They would have No way of Knowing anything. This would limit its Power and possibility of Corruption. 

       " If you ever wanted to Dethrone with out Throwing a stone, Privacy by Default at the Protocol level Crypto would be it. "


Privacy is Inevitable and you can only get it at the Protocol Level or you are not Private at all..... This would be the only way to dethrone what we know is a Monopoly Of Corruption, It wont stop as we all have seen in 2020/2021, I truly Believe that this Scamdemic was pulled of because they Know There life line of Control is in Jeopardy. Thats what Private by default at the Protocol Level Represent to them. But seems that its only hit them.. Because i see Privacy coins Being Ignored. I guess the Problem Has to hit you Hard in the Head to pay attention. But correct me if i am wrong, Is prevention not the best Remedy?

Most just dont seem to see or even Know what Monero XMR could really due to the world, This has to be the most Free , Liberating and Disruptive Technology out there. This is why i say The Raise of Privacy Coins is Inevitable Rather the Banksters like it or not! 



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The Fall of Bitcoin (BTC), The Raise of Privacy
The Fall of Bitcoin (BTC), The Raise of Privacy

Why Bitcoin will fall sooner Then Later, Followed By the Raise in True Private Crypto. When will the Government learn as well as how fast will People catch on. Track and Trace is not the way of the feature, KYC is the death of any Crypto as BTC will see its final days because of it. True Privacy and Why? Freedom is what humans desire, Privacy is the only way to get it. Time and time again we see the same Scam, Financial oppression of the Middle-Class Privacy By Default

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