Vechain Analysis | Will Hit $1 | Amazon, Chinese Gov, Oxford, Walmart, PWC - Partner

Vechain Analysis | Will Hit $1 | Amazon, Chinese Gov, Oxford, Walmart, PWC - Partner

By Kailash Mina | The Crypto Time | 28 Aug 2021

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Vechain has very strong Fundamental Cryptocurrency having partnered with BMW, PWC, Deloitte, Oxford and Amazon. And one of the founders, Sunny loo was the CEO of Louis Vitton
The Market Cap is above 5 billion dollars. Chinese Government also partnering with the Vechain. Vechain is a very strong cryptocurrency work in Supply Chain Industry. So Supply chain is the Flow of Material, information and Fund from suppliers to the customers.

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Vision on Vechain

The Vision of Vechain is to bring Blockchain into Supply Chain. Currently, the supply chains have so many problems like data storing and control. So blockchain helps to store data that can not be deleted by anyone. Currently, Vechain work on proof of stake and another platform work on proof of Authority.

Will hit $1

Currently, the value of the Supply chain industry is around USD 50 billion which is less than the other industry like Gaming and Finance etc. so short term returns will be not high. But it is the biggest project in the supply chain so long term returns may be high. Currently, 64 billion vets is circulating in the crypto market.

Vechain has two tokens, one is VET and another is VTHO. We can invest in VET but VTHO uses for only paying gas fees. The objective of VET is efficiency, traceability, and transparency.


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