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All About Shiba Inu Coin | 1000% Return | Robinhood

By Kailash Mina | The Crypto Time | 17 Jul 2021

Hey Everyone, welcome back to My blog Crypto Times and Hope you guys are doing good. This Article on All About Shiba INU Coin.

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If you invested in Shiba Inu coins one year before then it gives 5 lacs % return today. The Shiba Inu coin is the same as the Dogecoin. When the Value to Dogecoin increased drastically after Elon Musk Support, Then Shiba Inu coin launched which is also known as the Dogecoin Killer.

Shiba Inu Coin
Shiba inu coin was created by Anonymous person named Ryoshi on August 2020, which limits the supply to 1 quadrillion. But currently only 490 trillions of coins are left.

Marketing Strategy of Shiba Inu
1. Shiba Inu Launched with the name of Doge coin killer, so many people were attracted because the success of Doge meme coin.
2. For Limiting the Supply, they send almost 500 trillions shiba inu coin to Ethereum Founder. Ethereum Founder gave half of holding to Uniswap and other half to Indiacovid relief fund.

Use of Shiba Inu coin
Shiba Inu coins can be used as payment systems. You can Buy gold by using shiba Inu coin on They also think of creating Ecosystem, and have 3 crypto tokens like Shiba Inu and Bone. And Also launching NFT as mentioned in White paper.

Currently they run Shiba Inu Rescue funding program on Smile amazon, if Shiba inu project may fail . they will save using those funds.

Transaction fees of Shiba coin is almost $5 but Dogecoin has only $0.9.

When Shiba inu Coin kill Doge coin
Whenever shiba inu launch its exchange and list in Robinhood as well as top Exchange, then it has changed of increasing price. But the price will never reach $0.1 because of the high number of coins. Because if it reaches $0.5 Dollar then its market cap goes to $500 billions but Ethereum has only a $300 billion market cap. So it is impossible in First 10 years.


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