24 Jan: Dead Cat Bounce?

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Guess what day it is Folks? HUMPDAY! Bitcoin is trading up at $40,195.56 after the big dump down to $38k and now Bitcoin is trying hard to reverse course; will it be a dead cat bounce? Let's get on with the news...

Yesterday, ABRA settled it's lawsuit and will begin sending funds back to creditors.(5) Today, there isn't much new news but several topics from yesterday are still being reported on today. For instance, it was projected that within 60 days the Mt. Gox creditors might begin to receive some 200K $BTC back; some believe this will add downward pressure on Bitcoin's price but not Samson Mow(5) and the Nine ETFs have now amassed 100K $BTC and I can foresee them accumulating over 1M $BTC by the end of the year.(3) 

Brinks is now investing into BitGo.(2) 

An ETH ETF is coming sooner than you think as Hester Pierce believes since there is clarity there will not be a court case to make it happen.(2) Meanwhile, Celsius has sold off $40M worth of $ETH to pay off creditors.(2) 

RippleX has announced that the EVM sidechain that many have been waiting for is getting closer to being launched. This will allow a bridge for fungible tokens issued on the XRPL and XRP to move seamlessly between the mainnet and sidechains. It appears more startups are launching projects on Solana, Dialect is out with a "conversational" trading bot. Someone put DOOM (which was a 90s game) on Dogecoin Blockchain.(2) The Cardano Blockchain continues to be used by many, as indicative of the growth it's had just this year, up nearly 10,000 smart contracts.

As a reminder do not get fooled by phishing attempts. Be extremely careful with phone calls, emails, and text messages. The hackers and scammers are working overtime to get your assets and money - don't let them~! Meanwhile, Faktoshi has ended his lawsuit; I am sure because he can't prove he's Satoshi :) 



Podcast of the Day: BTC166: Bitcoin Custody For Institutions w/ Caitlin Long and Wes Knobel | Bitcoin Fundamentals

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