02 Mar: Week Recap

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Top Performing Assets (7 Days): $DOGE 55.88% | $SOL 31.11% | $BTC 21.18%


Happy Saturday Folks! Last week Bitcoin was up down $483 and as I type Bitcoin is trading at $62,029 and for the week (M-F) Bitcoin was up a whopping $6,370; week over week it's up a whopping $10,4327! The best performing asset in the past 7 days was $DOGE - up 55.88% in position #9 on Last weeks ago the Fear and Greed Index was at 72 and today it's 80.

Last Week Top Performing Assets (7 Days): $TRX 12.64% | $ETH 11.77% | $BNB 11.51% 


Well we got the breakout that I thought might happen. There is no other asset that performs the way Bitcoin and Crypto does, going up $6K in one week is insane. Most covered news of the week was about the ETFs because they are sucking up all the Bitcoin that is being mined daily and 9x more! I believe we are witnessing the supply shock that have been talked about for years. If you did not tune into FiboSwanny and Chris interview please do! Will we get to $70K this weekend or next week? 

There were a lot of really good Podcasts and I'd recommend listening to NLW because he's right, now that $BTC is above $60K folks are starting to pay attention. Well that is a wrap for me folks, until next weekend Be Smart. Be Safe. Stack Sats. HODL! 


Monday the price of Bitcoin closed at $55,848.90 and the most covered news of the day was MicroStrategy slammed the buy button once again to the tune of $155M worth of $BTC!(6)
Podcast of the Day: The Big Bitcoin Vibe Shift | The Breakdown

Tuesday the price of Bitcoin closed at $57,157.20 and the most covered news of the day was Spot Bitcoin ETFs have accumulated over 300K $BTC as net inflows rise to $6B.(8)
Podcasts of the Day: #1316 Nate Fischer on The Shocking Future of Bitcoin, Economy, Government & Geopolitics | TPP

By Wednesday (Humpday) the price of Bitcoin closed at $62,509.40 and the most covered news of the day was $60K achieved and even surged to $64K as the market reached extreme greed!(3)
Podcasts of the Day: BTC171: Bitcoin Tech Update with Alex Leishman | Bitcoin Fundamentals

Right over the hump on Thursday the price of Bitcoin closed at $61,429.30 and the most covered news of the day was Gemini will make their customers whole by returning 100% of the funds to those who participated in the Earn program.(7)
Podcasts of the Day: Bitcoin is Above $60,000 and People are Finally Paying Attention | The Breakdown

As the week came to a close on Friday the price of Bitcoin closed at $62,218.20 and the most covered news of the day was Matt Hougan, Bitwise CIO, believes an "even bigger wave" is coming for Bitcoin in the next few months as a result of Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo giving the greenlight for their customers to get exposure to the Group of Nine Spot Bitcoin ETFs; 10x the supply is being bought up.(3)
Podcast of the Day: Crypto All Time Highs! w/ @RaoulGMI | Crypto Town Hall | TWOAS


Bitcoin daily withdrawals challenges records as $2B leave exchanges. Bitcoin and Ether is dominating institutional portfolios according to Bybit. Dencun will make the Ethereum ecosystem cheaper.  Mike Novogratz sees Bitcoin dropping to $55K and he might be right, long liquidations could pull it down to the $50K range and $ETH to the $2,400 range. Joe Lubin says the Crypto industry momentum "is picking up, and it's unstoppable." Dan Tapieiro says $BTC will reach $900K this cycle. Scaramucci says Bitcoin is a 21st century Berkshire Hathaway.(2) Peter Brandt thinks the $BTC bull run has just begun. Robert F Kennedy Jr. believes BlackRock and JP Morgan are paying legislators to ban Bitcoin. Glassnode believes Bitcoin's current bull run is different and will continue. Technical Analyst continue to call ATH before the halving; let's see if they turn out to be right. River Financial has put 50% of its treasury in $BTC. Marathon Digital has reported a 452% increase in revenue. Riot Platforms, a leading Bitcoin Miner, reveals its 2023 average cost per Bitcoin was just $7,539. Morgan Stanley is seeking indirect exposure to Bitcoin. 

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