27 Feb: Rally Caps On!

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Happy Tuesday Folks! Bitcoin is trading up at $56,555. Last week I said...Bitcoin continues to struggle right around $52.5K. If it can break that level I believe we will see high $60K - guess what :) Let's get on with the news...


A week ago, Edward Snowden called Bitcoin the "most significant monetary advance since the creation of coinage"(3) and Ethereum continued its strong run, pushing higher toward $3K and it hit shortly after publishing.(5) Yesterday, MicroStrategy slamed the buy button once again to the tune of $155M worth of $BTC!(6) Today, Bitcoin price rally gained steam as it jumped over $57K and adding $140B daily; liquidating the shorts.(4) 

Open interest at all-time high and Whales are hungry as three of them accumulated over $64M in $BTC and $ETH.(3) Fear and Greed is now at the highest levels since 2021 - be careful here. Samson Mow warns that not all Altcoins will follow Bitcoin's ascent toward $1M and Max Keiser expects a "God Candle" that will bring $BTC to $100K. Cory Klippsten defines a God Candle as $10K+ in 24 hours. Just so you know we've never had a $10K daily candle in the history of Bitcoin. Spot Bitcoin ETFs have accumulated over 300K $BTC as net inflows rise to $6B.(8) Anthony Scaramucci believes Bitcoin will achieve at least half of Gold's valuation by 2030. Jurrien Timmer says that Bitcoin is taking market share from Gold. Peter Brandt projects $200K peak by 2025. According to Jamie Coutts, Bitcoin should reach $100K NLT 2025 based on the MVRV Z-score. Hut 8 drops the heat that they are adding $BTC to their balance sheet. Treasury Reserve Asset strategy is the new black! 

The emails from the Craig Wright (Faketoshi) trials has everyone trying to decipher them to figure out Satoshi. Group of Nine ETF volume reach new daily high.

Ethereum is on fire and could it eventually reach $4,000 and the demand is driven by U.S. investors; apparently it's also on Institutional interest. Raoul Pal believes $ETh is gearing up for a massive breakout against Bitcoin. March 13th is the day that Dencun will be launched! Key technical indicator (TD Sequential) says it's time to buy $XRP. 

A trader received $585K in excess funds, failed to return it and is now being investigated; but he's vanished.(2)


Derivatives traders are not beating that Bitcoin can get above $60K. Jason Pizzino believes Bitcoin is leaning to the upside. Bitcoin traders are taking off on the weekends it appears. Supposedly BlackRock held a secret Bitcoin meeting where they are seeing massive demand for Bitcoin...stay tuned! Bitcoin halvings may be bullish but each time the price percentage gets smaller in appreciation. 

Bitcoin & Politics

US Representative Shri Thanedar recently revealed a sale of nearly $1 million worth of cryptocurrencies. 



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