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I Have a Token. Am I Rich Now?

31 Jul 2019 4 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Introduction I've been working on a project for a little while now. It's called World Builder. It started as a reaction to the horrible, and yet somehow successful gambling games that seem to pervade Tron. In fact, the specific game that spurre...

Crypto & KYC: A crypto based alternative to government issued documents as a form of identifying a customer.

30 Jul 2019 3 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

KYC or “know your customer” is a process of verifying the identity of a user before they are able to fully use a platform. Exchanges are generally required to obtain proof of identity in order to allow a user to access the exchange, especially when f...

Getting Into Splinterlands: A digital collectible card game with a number of interesting mechanics

29 Jul 2019 4 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Collectible card games have been around for many years. There's Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Force of Will, and many others. There are millions of players world-wide, and people spend a lot of money on these pieces of cardboard. I've pers...

Technical Analysis of BELA

29 Jul 2019 2 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

I don't do all that much technical analysis. I'm mostly a fan of fundamental analysis, though there is an association between the two and technical analysis can be useful when trading, or even determining whether it's time to buy or sell a specific t...

Pawedcast in Print Episode #47 : Tweaks and Feedback

25 Jul 2019 3 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Regarding promises from last week, some of the changes have been made. The two tier loot boxes are still being worked on. Changes in caps should also be implemented when the boxes are changed.  NEO NEO integration should be implemented soon. There wi...

The Mistake of Forcing Authors into Crypto-Only Articles

24 Jul 2019 1 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

I only recently found Uptrennd. It seems like it has potential, but there was one glaring flaw. Right now the platform is crypto-only. It's not that, as a crypto-based platform the general topic of discussion is crypto. The content limitation is bein...

What’s up with BelaCam and BELA?

22 Jul 2019 5 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

What is BelaCam and BELA, and what determines BELA’s price? BELA is the official currency for BelaCam, a cryptoasset based social media platform focused on the promotion of visual art. It’s one of a number of platforms that help monetize our social...

Rebranding The B.C.U. Times: We're changing things around, but for the better

22 Jul 2019 1 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

For a number of reasons, , we’re going to be rebranding. We’ll no longer be the Blockchain Cuties Universe Times. We’re now the Blockchain & Crypto Users Times. So we’re still the B.C.U. Times; we’re just expanding our mission beyond discussing event...

Pawedcast in Print: Episode #46

20 Jul 2019 2 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

There was a lot of confusion with this release, and changes after release. In the future, to prevent this kind of confusion, there will be a written description of the project details, hopefully sent out a few days to a week before the release goes...

Blockchain Will Reach Maturity When People Stop Referring to it as Blockchain and Start Referring to it as "The Internet"

20 Jul 2019 3 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Who, aside from developers, refers to the HTML or HTTP as HTML and HTTP? Who refers to modern web design as anything other than “the internet?” Radical technologies eventually become the norm and people stop thinking about them as anything other than...