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I’m a polymath and a rōnin scholar. That is to say that I enjoy studying many different topics. Find more at http://danielgoldman.us

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Daniel Goldman

Government as Institutionalized Force: A Definition

19 hours ago 2 minute read Daniel Goldman $0.07 tipped

What is government? It’s not pretty. That’s for sure.   I’ve been writing about politics for the last 15 years or so. I’ve thought a lot about government, and have reached the conclusion that I don’t like it. But I haven’t really been able to define...

The Issue with Generating Value from Our Own Data

19 hours ago 4 minute read Daniel Goldman $0.02 tipped

Our data is usually only valuable because it is part of a larger block of big data. If we want to monetize our own data, something must change. Basic Recommender Systems (RS) Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash By aggregating and analyzing t...

The Outdated Concept of Workdays and Workweeks

1 day ago 3 minute read Daniel Goldman $0.06 tipped

While people shouldn’t be overworked, the concept of the weekend and 9–5 schedules is a truly archaic tradition. Monday through Friday, 9–5. That’s how much of the world’s population spends its day working. But why? And whose 9–5? New York’s? Tokyo...

Blockchain Cuties Season One Event is Live

2 days ago 2 minute read Daniel Goldman $1.30 tipped

There were some major issues towards the beginning of the launch, but they seem to have settled down. To be honest, it wasn't the team's best showing. Initially the price of the booster pass was set to 0.5 ETH rather than the advertised 0.25 ETH, a m...

Becoming Crypto-Social

3 days ago 4 minute read Daniel Goldman $1.72 tipped

Some might call me anti-social. Some might call me pro-social. I'm not really an introvert or an extrovert. But lately, I've become more and more crypto-social. I'm a huge fan of leveraging social media and building a personal brand. It's a lot of wo...

The Lawyers of the Future: Will they be more software engineer than legal scholar?

3 days ago 4 minute read Daniel Goldman $0.04 tipped

I originally wrote this article on Medium, but I decided to transfer it over, in part because of a recent article by @LiteLiger about Claymore Token ending up as a scam. While due diligence is always important, the fact that nobody caught an obvious...

Further Delays in the B.C.U. Summer Event

3 days ago 1 minute read Daniel Goldman $0.21 tipped

Unfortunately getting timing right when you’re releasing a product is very difficult. It’s very often that a new product fails to release right on its official release day. That was the case with the Blockchain Cuties event. It was originally schedul...

You Should Stop Assuming Your Readers Are Ignorant

3 days ago 2 minute read Daniel Goldman $0.06 tipped

See? It’s annoying when authors make assumptions about you, right? Some of my articles have titles that rely on general calls to action, but I generally don’t reference my reader in the title. I don’t like to make assumptions about my readers. But...

Money and Wealth: On theory and practice of money and wealth accumulation

4 days ago 5 minute read Daniel Goldman $0.09 tipped

Imagine being an early farmer, working along the Nile. Times are tough, and your plot of land isn’t producing nearly as well as you need it to in order to feed your family. You have a neighbor further up the river, and his land is performing much be...

The Hudson Valley Music Festival #HugSomeoneDammit is Almost Here

5 days ago 2 minute read Daniel Goldman $0.02 tipped

If you live near Middletown, New York, know anyone in the area, or like to travel to music festivals, consider getting tickets to one of the largest music festivals in the area. There’s live music, great food, recreational options including camping,...