QASH and the Quoine Liquid Platform

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QASH (QASH) is a cryptocurrency made by Mike Kayamori and Mario Gomez Lozada in 2014. It is the native cryptocurrency used for the Quoine Liquid Platform.

The Quoine Liquid Platform is designed to solve the liquidity problems facing the cryptocurrency markets today. It was the first platform to be cleared by the Japan FSA. It allows users to easily buy crypto with FIAT and also allows users to cash-out in FIAT. The Liquid Platform helps to connect the liquidity together from different exchanges and aggregates them into one order book to make it easy for traders. 

It does this through the use of its World Book which compiles orders and prices from exchanges around the world into one order book. This helps to remove the liquidity problem as it pools all the liquidity of a market from different exchanges into one platform. For top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin liquidity is not a problem. However, for lower market cap coins, liquidity is still a major issue as users will usually need to source liquidity from seperate exchanges.

The Quoine Liquid Platform makes it easy for traders to purchase cryptocurrency using any FIAT currency of their choosing. It does so by using a mixture of an Internal Order Book and External Aggregate Order Book which allows Liquid to utilize the foreign exchange (FX) markets to create trading pairs for coins that did not previously exist. Furthermore, their Prime Brokerage allows users to access the markets in the World Book without the need to create individual accounts on each exchange.

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Today i want to tell you about a new project called “LCX”. The team of LCX describe their project as follows: “A blockchain bank for the new financial world.” In other words, they try to create a platform which combines all necessary data for trader...

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Last Chance to Claim Your HYDRO (You must VERIFY your Liquid account)

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  They have been overwhelmed with the incredible interest from the Vyper campaign they’ve run over the last couple weeks. If you've already signed up for Liquid, you still must VERIFY your account to receive your Hydro bonus. Verify your account by...

Earn 100,000 HYDRO inside for referring friends!

1 week ago 1 minute read Originalcryptoz™ $0.05 tipped

They are officially launching the referral program giving away 10,000,000 HYDRO to our loyal community! Earn up to 100,000 HYDRO by sharing your referral link on social media. Completing KYC on Liquid is required to qualify. Begin by registering her...

Liquid officially launched their new Websocket service "Liquid Tap"!

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It was already available since a few weeks, but Liquid officially announced the launch of their new websocket service "Liquid Tap" now. Liquid Tap is a proprietary websocket layer, offering the lowest possible latency and jitter for streaming real-ti...

Hedera Hashgraph will be listed on Liquid Exchange!

1 week ago 1 minute read Flo $0.09 tipped

Hedera Hashgraph, one of the most promising DLT projects in Crypto Space will be listed on Liquid in the next month. Liquid published a blog posts, which explains in a very good way what hedera exactly is and how it works:

Participate in Hydro's reward campaign to receive HYDRO and QASH tokens!

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You still don't have a Liquid Exchange account? Well, than now its the best time to sign up.Project Hydro is giving away thousands of Hydro and Qash tokens (Liquids native exchange token) to people who participate in their reward campaign. If you sig...

The impressive progress of Liquid Exchange in Q2 2019

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Today i want to show you the progress Liquid Exchange made in the latest quarter.   Quick Exchange Liquid implemented the QEX (Quick Exchange) which allow user to convert Crypto/Crypto or even Fiat/Crypto without the need to get bogged down in order...

Liquid Exchange is one of the first exchanges to adopt and embrace MPC technology in a live setting

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According to a official blog post of Liquid, published today, withdrawal times of major coins and tokens got a huge improvement.( Like I stated in my Liquid Exchange Review(https://www...

Why Liquid Exchange is worth a try

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Why Liquid Exchange is worth a try I used Coinbase, Bitfinex and Kraken before, so i have experience with a few exchanges.   I'm using Liquid exchange since its launch in September 2018. The company which runs Liquid is called Quoine, they run secure...

Top 4 Altcoins To Watch This Summer 2019

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There is a lot happening in the crypto space this year, and I’m not just talking regulation, adoption, stablecoins, DEXs and what not. I’m talking about serious development with respect to certain projects. Things that I think are going to attract a...

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Let’s get one thing straight - Bitcoin really is king and there is no denying that. Until Ethereum or Ripple catch up with the amount of daily trading volume and close in on Bitcoins market cap - Bitcoin will remain king! However, as this entire indu...