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ETH and EOS Will Continue to Face Congestion Problems — This Project Won’t

9 hours ago 5 minute read Sal Miah $1.03 tipped

Protocol congestion is a perennial problem in the blockchain ecosystem. Various measures have been implemented to avert congestion, but most struggle to offer a long-term solution.   Protocols have tried increasing their block size to increase the nu...

My Initial Thoughts On The (Instars) Platform

1 day ago 4 minute read Sal Miah $1.46 tipped

Going through the Instars platform, one sees a format that speaks for blockchain technology. The Instars platform shows the simplicity and brilliance in blockchain adoption, and this review/personal opinion will elaborate more on the data-exchange pl... Review: Is This The Way Our Data Should Be Handled?

1 week ago 3 minute read Sal Miah $1.97 tipped

Let’s face it, we likely won't know how our data is handled, and we mostly don’t like what we hear about the safety of our data. This review of the blockchain-based data-exchange platform will shed further light on the issue. Data is argu...

Earn Free Crypto: What’s The Best Option?

3 weeks ago 4 minute read Sal Miah $0.30 tipped

There are several ways to not only get involved in crypto but also receive free cryptocurrencies. But among the various options, which one is best?   Because many people want to avoid the risk of losing money when making crypto investments, Insights...

The Very Best Enterprise Blockchain Projects of 2019

4 weeks ago 5 minute read Sal Miah $2.92 tipped

2019 is the year for enterprise blockchain. The technology that was previously shunned by several corporations is now being considered by the very companies that rejected it. Initially, blockchain was hardly considered by any top company. Inst...

Cryptocurrency Exchange Survey Finds Binance Is Still The King - However Various Issues Still Remain

21 Oct 2019 5 minute read Sal Miah $2.87 tipped

A recent survey carried out by blockchain-based data exchange company Insights Network has revealed that Binance is still the people’s choice in regards to their favorite exchange. Despite this, there remains widespread concern over several factors c...

CoinMarketCap Continues To Be A Plague For Smaller Crypto Projects

7 Oct 2019 5 minute read Sal Miah $3.49 tipped

A recent report released by Bitwise exposed how reported trading volumes and market caps on various crypto exchanges were false. Mentioned heavily on the report was CoinMarketCap as it is the reference of choice for most people seeking to enter or ac...

Japan Is Fast Becoming The Gold Standard For Blockchain Adoption

2 Oct 2019 4 minute read Sal Miah $2.55 tipped

Japan is among the leading blockchain hubs in Asia, and arguably, the world. Its embrace of blockchain technology is one to be emulated by any country wishing to adopt blockchain holistically. Blockchain technology enables the unlocking of digital va...

The Best (And Worst) dApps That Blockchain Has To Offer

26 Sep 2019 6 minute read Sal Miah $3.46 tipped

Blockchain was released in 2009 to serve as a public ledger for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Following the success of the cryptocurrency, other use cases of blockchain emerged. The application of the distributed ledger technology was expected to be th...

Blockchain Is Now A Crucial Technology - And Executives Know It

19 Sep 2019 4 minute read Sal Miah $1.66 tipped

The blockchain hype experienced from around 2015, reaching its peak in 2017, has subsided greatly. Harsh realities are coming into play. Blockchain platforms and d'Apps now have to deliver on the glamorous promises made via their whitepapers. Many ar...