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Mainstream Media Misconceptions About Cryptocurrencies- What The Actual Facts Are

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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are now common concepts. People have written and spoken about them extensively in numerous forums, news sites and papers.   Information about blockchain technology is available on various platforms with individual writ...

Analysis of Blockchain on Surveys and Data Collection | Part 1

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Essential to the development and sustenance of the world is accurate information. Every working industry requires information to run effectively. The importance of having the right information cannot be stressed enough; it is, therefore, critical th...

New Blockchain Officially Enters Top 10 Block’tivity Transactions

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There was a entrant into the blockchain benchmark website- Block’tivity’s, busiest blockchains.   INSTAR (INSTAR) blockchain was recently ranked 9th in Blocktivity’s activity index. They ranked ahead of some of the giants in the industry such as: Das...