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Best Under the Radar/Small Cap Altcoins and Cryptocurrencies To Invest in 2020

2 days ago 6 minute read Sal Miah $3.99 tipped

  Many great crypto projects tend to go unnoticed or a lack of attention brought on them. With thousands of projects listed on CoinMarketCap, it can be extremely difficult for investors to choose the better projects when there is such a daunting amou...

The Best Free Crypto Earning Platforms Ranked: From Coinbase Earn to Lolli (2020 Latest)

1 week ago 6 minute read Sal Miah $2.69 tipped

Crypto earning is an integral part of the decentralized ecosystem. It is arguably the most progressive method of integrating new people into the decentralized economy. However, which earn free cryptocurrency platform is the chosen one? With a variety...

Earn Free EOS Tokens: The Best Options

1 week ago 3 minute read Sal Miah $0.13 tipped

EOS is one of the most popular cryptocurrency projects in the industry, currently ranked 7th by market cap. With a strong and passionate community, many users are always keen to add EOS tokens to their holdings. As such this article will focus on the...

Pizza Hut Coupon Codes Free Crypto Cashback

16 Dec 2019 3 minute read Sal Miah $0.04 tipped

Pizza Hut Coupon Codes, exclusive discounts and offers are some of the retail features that loyal and casual customers are always looking for when ordering their meals, now customers can receive free cryptocurrency cashback from Instars.  Instars is...

Getting Started with How to Create Surveys

11 Dec 2019 1 minute read Sal Miah $2.23 tipped

Instars have a tailor-made feature for those looking to collect primary data from KYC-verified users. The platform guides data seekers through a simple step-by-step process that results in the creation of a survey. Instars have a basic survey outline...

Have A Cheeky Nando's And Earn Free... Cryptocurrency?

22 Nov 2019 3 minute read Sal Miah $0.53 tipped

Yes, you read that right. Your daily shopping/purchases will now earn you free cryptocurrency up to three times daily. Ever since its inception, Instars has been trying to make earning cryptocurrency as easy as possible. Starting the journey in crypt...

ETH and EOS Will Continue to Face Congestion Problems — This Project Won’t

21 Nov 2019 5 minute read Sal Miah $1.04 tipped

Protocol congestion is a perennial problem in the blockchain ecosystem. Various measures have been implemented to avert congestion, but most struggle to offer a long-term solution.   Protocols have tried increasing their block size to increase the nu...

My Initial Thoughts On The (Instars) Platform

20 Nov 2019 4 minute read Sal Miah $1.76 tipped

Going through the Instars platform, one sees a format that speaks for blockchain technology. The Instars platform shows the simplicity and brilliance in blockchain adoption, and this review/personal opinion will elaborate more on the data-exchange pl... Review: Is This The Way Our Data Should Be Handled?

11 Nov 2019 3 minute read Sal Miah $1.87 tipped

Let’s face it, we likely won't know how our data is handled, and we mostly don’t like what we hear about the safety of our data. This review of the blockchain-based data-exchange platform will shed further light on the issue. Data is argu...

Earn Free Crypto: What’s The Best Option?

29 Oct 2019 4 minute read Sal Miah $0.29 tipped

There are several ways to not only get involved in crypto but also receive free cryptocurrencies. But among the various options, which one is best?   Because many people want to avoid the risk of losing money when making crypto investments, Insights...