40 facts about Liquid Exchange
40 facts about Liquid Exchange

By hsotaka | Liquid and Qash | 30 Jan 2020

If you ever wonder if Liquid exchange is worth a try, here are 40 facts about Liquid exchange.
Maybe they will help you to answer your questions.


1. The exchange is fully regulated by the JFSA (Japan Fiinancial Service Agency).

2. Quoine (company behind Liquid) runs exchanges since 2014, Quoinex and Qcryptos got merged to Liquid in 2018.

3. Liquid and also Quoinex and Qrypros never got hacked.

4. According to Blockchain Transparency Institute, 100% of Liquids volume is real.


5. According to a deep analysis, Liquid in one of the price leaders.

6. The exchange uses real multi signature cold storage for all funds.

7. They have a public, detailed and huge security policy to protect the site against all kind of attacks.

8. The interface of Liquid is fully customizable, you can place elements like chart, order book, trade feed, etc. whereever you like.

9. They are offering margin trading with up to x25 leverage.

10. They are offering CFD trading with up to x100 leverage.

11. Soon (Q1 2020) they will offer perceptual trading with up to x100 leverage (currently closed beta).

12. You can use so much currencies as funding currency. No matter what pair you are leverage trading, you can always use BTC, ETH, XRP, Stablecoins or FIAT to fund your trades. On most exchanges, you can only use the currency you are trading as funding currency.

13. They have a very nice mobile app for Android and IOS for advanced traders (spot trading, margin trading, CDF trading, etc).

14. They implemented Internal World Book technology, which matches orders of different trading pairs (for example orders of BTC/USD and BTC/JPY). Volume of BTC/JPY is very high on Liquid, volume of BTC/USD isn't. With internal world book, you still have a great liquidity because the order book of BTC/USD contains all orders of BTC/JPY.

15. External World Book soon, that means they will connect their order books to other regulated exchanges. This will bring even more liquditiy to Liquid! 

16. Because of point 12 and 13 you have great liquidity on Liquid and good volume on major trading pairs (btc, eth, xrp, bch).

17. They are the biggest fiat exchange with lot of fiat pairs (USD, EUR, SGD, HKD, AUD, CNY, INR, JPY, PHP, IDR).

18. They are one of the biggest fiat gateways into the crypto world. No third party fiat providers, real fiat deposit and withdrawal functions.

19. They are offering a basic and a verified account. With basic account you can trade crypto <-> crypto without KYC. 

20. Liquid implemented the Quick Exchange for fast currency conversion without using complex trading UIs.

21. They developed a widget for the Quick Exchange, so the Quick Exchange can be implemented on external sites in the near future.

22. Liquid Vision, the new home menu on web and mobile app is amazing. It contains a nice chart of your funds, top gainers and losers, you favorite trading pairs and all your open orders and positions.

23. Liquid plans to add trading statistics and social elements to the personalized Liquid Vision page.

24. Liquid Hits Unicorn Status With Over $1 Billion Valuation at a ongoing Series C funding.

25. With the funding of that round, Liquid is financing their U.S. expansion.

26. Liquid will launch it's the U.S. expansion in Q1 2020. They are trying to become a fully licensed exchange in all states of the USA.

27. Liquid has it's native token, called "Qash".

28. Qash is still an ERC20 token.

29. Liquid is developing a own blockchain for Qash, the "Liquid Chain".

30. Currently Qash hasn't many use cases. You can lower your trading fees on Liquid from 0,1% to 0,05% if you pay your fees with Qash.

31. Liquid offers a lending platform, you can lend your assets for a daily interest. YOU can set the interest you want to earn.

32. On the lending platform you can lend BTC, ETH, XRP and even FIAT (USD, EUR, SGD, JPY, etc.).

33. Liquid has an IEO market. There already were dozens of IEOs on Liquid.

34. They are using Intercom for their help center. Intercom is integrated in the trading site with a chat bubble, you don't need to switch to a support site.

35. There are many altcoins listed on Liquid, all in all they are offering more than 5000 trading pairs.

36. Most altcoins trading pairs have very low volume. (maybe because there is no fake volume?)

37. Slower withdrawals compared to other exchanges, because of real cold wallet policy.

38. Roadmap, which lists upcoming features, doesn't contain release dates.

39. According to an interview with the CTO, 80% of Liquid's volume comes from insitutional customers.

40. The communication with their retail customers is bad.


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Liquid and Qash
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