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When Valid Criticism Gets Silenced As FUD - A Short Story of Pantera "A Real Green BCH Warrior"

17 Dec 2022 6 minute read 25 comments Cryptonator`s

It frequently happens in the crypto space that people with valid criticism or concerns are being discriminated as FUDers. Not every negative news you hear is automatically FUD, sometimes it is simply bad news based on cold facts. It is important to f...

Bitcoin Maximalism and Other Maximalisms Compared

17 Sep 2021 20 minute read 4 comments BitcoinGordon

Dear Cryptonians, Unite! Read my last thing about the SEC and share it with others. Be a part of the revolution. And now, onwards and upwards. Crypto, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the blockchain enterprise, and you are all welcome abo...

Why maximalism isn't beneficial to anyone

15 Jun 2021 4 minute read 0 comments Paraguanads

If you have ever read any of the texts that Voltaire –a famous French lawyer and writer– wrote about fanaticism and the damage it produces in society, you will perfectly understand the lines that I will write here today. My intention is to show you s...

ADA's ATH price doesn't matter. Cardano is here to empower us to change the world

28 Feb 2021 9 minute read 6 comments Pizzadren

Recently, due to the many announcements made by Charles Hoskinson and his team about their progress such as Mary Hard Fork, Babel Fees, African partnerships, etc. Many people have joined the ride, betting that Cardano will deliver its promises and ma...

Recent Article about Maximum-Profit-Per-Individual

7 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Africahead

An article was published at Africahead's website at Github and published with WordPress. The article is relevant with regard to the new-capitalist view about Africahead's brand tokens, listed on Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX).