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New ransomware attacks your Discord account and extracts your cryptocurrencies

24 May 2020 1 minute read comments Paraguanads

Most cryptolovers on the internet use the Discord chat platform, not only to talk to their peers and find incredible rewards, but also to store, in turn, received cryptocurrencies on the servers where they are. That's why Internet hackers have come u...

Martkist launches new reward program

24 May 2020 1 minute read comments Paraguanads

In addition to the ten years of distribution of the Martkist community project, the administrators have devised more ways to win coins for those who wish to make use of this valuable asset, which is growing like wildfire as the days go by, increasing...

Earn coins instantly and easily with PlayNano

24 May 2020 2 minute read comments Paraguanads

Hi! I hope you are having as much fun as I am in this quarantine getting faucets and rewards in crypto on a daily and totally reliable basis, also you could share those platforms with your friends and communities. After all, in the world of crypto, t...

Martkist is rewarding the gamers. Check it out

21 May 2020 1 minute read comments Paraguanads

Encouraged by the exponential growth of the platform over the past few months, the developer of Martkist ecosystem, Morpheus, has begun a new series of rewards payable to users of the Martkist platform on Discord and those who wish to join. Who are t...

Good news for Martkist decentralized environment: check them here

20 May 2020 2 minute read comments Paraguanads

Surprised by the speed which the project has grown and the massive acceptance it is having in communities of several languages (English, Spanish, Filipino, Russian and also italian), we have some incredible surprises for all of us who carry and love...

Semana de éxitos para Martkist. Conoce de qué se trata

14 May 2020 2 minute read comments Paraguanads

Sorprendido de la rapidez con la que ha crecido el proyecto y la aceptación masiva que está teniendo en comunidades de varios idiomas (inglés, español, filipino y ruso), nos llegan varias sorpresas increíbles a todos los que portamos esta moneda: su...

The DIVI ecosystem: the new digital payment and savings platform

12 May 2020 2 minute read comments Paraguanads

Cryptocurrencies have become the main resource for those who are completely suspicious of the preconceived world financial system, and that is why many options –of various technologies and usability– have come to stay, offering their users not only...

SINOVATE: El despertar del gigante dormido

6 May 2020 2 minute read comments Paraguanads

¡Esto es para ti! si, para ti que estás buscando invertir tus ganancias en un proyecto sólido a través del tiempo, que ha venido demostrando que millares de sus inversionistas siguen confiando en él manteniendo el volumen diario superior a cuatro cif...

SINOVATE: the awakening of the sleeping giant

3 May 2020 2 minute read comments Paraguanads

This is for you! Yes, for you who are looking to invest your profits in a solid project over time, which has been proving that thousands of its investors continue to trust it by keeping the daily trading market volume above four digits, and which is...

Martkist HUB. Todo lo que necesitas saber

26 Apr 2020 2 minute read comments Paraguanads

En nuestra edición anterior, hablamos de forma resumida sobre el proyecto Martkist, que está revolucionando la criptocomunidad en español desde su lanzamiento. En esta ocasión, les comentaré un poco sobre de que va el HUB de Martkist, para qué les pu...