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Africahead is a copyrighted brand mark and the transacting name of a business, registered during 1999 in South Africa. The registered name is Moiom Close Corporation. The brand mark consists of the name Africahead and the map image of Africa.

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Recent Article about Maximum-Profit-Per-Individual

7 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Africahead

An article was published at Africahead's website at Github and published with WordPress. The article is relevant with regard to the new-capitalist view about Africahead's brand tokens, listed on Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX).

Minimum Prices and Fees

1 Aug 2020 4 minute read 0 comments Africahead

By Marquard Dirk Pienaar Background According to Intequinism, businesses will maximise their brand values, if they ask minimum prices for services and goods. Intequinism is used at Africahead. Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX), a new cryptocurrency exchange,...


31 Jul 2020 6 minute read 0 comments Africahead

By Marquard Dirk Pienaar This article explains the form in which intequity manifested in the cryptocurrency industry, with brand tokens and Moyom (MYM) utility token, listed on Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX). Background Intequity is a new word meaning cap...

The Funding Gap solved with Cryptocurrency Brand Tokens of IPPAEX

27 Jul 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Africahead

Background and Problem "A funding gap exists with the development of ideas, between the idea generation phase and the proof-of-idea phase. I will call it the info stage. Most venture capital financing takes place after the proof-of-idea period. The i...

What is a "brand" on Ipparts Exchange?

28 Jun 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Africahead

Brands are undefined in the sense, each brand owner decides self what his/her brand is. The following are thus my subjective opinion, being as objective as possible. My view is obviously based on the Africahead and related brands i am busy forming, w...


13 Sep 2019 2 minute read 0 comments Africahead

Prize money = 10'000'000'000 (ten billion) Moyom (MYM) utility tokens. BACKGROUND Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX) is a new cryptocurrency exchange, Africahead is developing. Currently IPPAEX is run on two 0x Project exchanges; and

Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX), a New Cryptocurrency Exchange for New-Capitalism

12 Sep 2019 6 minute read 0 comments Africahead

Photo by Diego Meneghetti from FreeImages Economic theory is changing. Proof of that is a recent article at Bloomberg called; "JPMorgan’s Dimon Among CEOs Rejecting Investor-Centric Model". Another proof is the recent offer by the Hong Kong Stock Exc...

Why Brand Tokens Are Not Securities, Yet Investments

29 Aug 2019 3 minute read 0 comments Africahead

This article claims with reasons, buyers of crypto, can invest in brand tokens without worrying about securities law. The way for businesses issuing crypto, to free themselves from securities law, was to make sure their tokens are utility tokens. Tha...

Valuation Theory & Crypto

27 Aug 2019 1 minute read 3 comments Africahead

I published an article at Cent about valuation theory of businesses, which is changing drastically. The best two comments, to the article, will each earn 55 US cents in ETH for the commentators, as judged by Cent's community, after 7 days. Link to th...

The LOGICAL reason TO developers; MOYOM (MYM) utility TOken.

14 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Africahead

Moyom (MYM) ERC20 utility token is used at Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX), as the utility currency. When MYM is liquid, MYM will be used to buy brand tokens, listing on IPPAEX. MYM is a universal token, anyone may use to sell their services or products, g...


Valuation Theory & Crypto

27 Aug 2019 Africahead

27 August 2019
I write here and post references with regard to brand tokens and Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX). IPPAEX lists brand tokens. I manage two brand tokens and one utility token on IPPAEX, Africahead, my business, is busy developing. 55 US cents is about 40 EU cents, i guess, whilst not following the rates. Are you testing me to see if i know, what the exchange rates are? I am not sure what you mean by "write it yourself". Did you read the article at Cent? I assume not. Cent is a new social platform, where bounties can be paid in ETH to promote articles, articles funded (seeded) with ETH to earn part of future seeds, comments sorted for a fee in ETH, and writers tipped in ETH.

The LOGIC behind Brand Tokens

12 Aug 2019 Africahead

13 August 2019
My experience gave different perspective than yours. An academic paper i wrote explains my side partly. You might be interested in John Barlow's explanation in it, about how ideas are traded. He worked in the music industry and you are working in the music industry.

Seven steps towards launching your first ICO in 2019

13 Aug 2019 Ayodele

13 August 2019
Africahead is busy developing a new cryptocurrency exchange called Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX), where brand tokens can be listed. I thought you could be interested:

Tell me a story and make me buy it!

11 Aug 2019 Emad

13 August 2019
The stories about brand tokens are going to be interesting. I am looking for people with interesting stories to list brand tokens on Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX), a new crypto exchange, in development. By the way, is wine sold in Shiraz? The grape cultivar called Shiraz, is one of the most well known in South Africa.

The LOGIC behind Brand Tokens

12 Aug 2019 Africahead

12 August 2019
My opinions are based on a professional accounting qualification, a masters degree in philosophy, 9 years commercial experience, and 20 years entrepreneurial/academic-research experience, but most of all logic.

The LOGIC behind Brand Tokens

12 Aug 2019 Africahead

12 August 2019
Well, then get them to research it and confirm to you what i am informing you about, "asshole".

The LOGIC behind Brand Tokens

12 Aug 2019 Africahead

12 August 2019
If you research it, you will see that copyrights can apply to "brandmarks". I know "trademarks" have to be registered in countries separately. My opinion however is that trademarks only have to be registered, following the Berne convention, after the copyright protection lapses. I also work with IP, particularly, with the relation between ideas and IP. According to communism/socialism "labour is the creator", like Marx wrote. According to most capitalists "god" or "God", who "is", sacrificed, is "the Creator". Most people who call themselves capitalists are very close to NAZI socialists, because of their emphasis on the value of labour, as opposed to the value of intequity (capital of ideas).

The LOGIC behind Brand Tokens

12 Aug 2019 Africahead

12 August 2019
Copyrights settle automatically except, e.g. in the USA, where copyright has to be registered. The USA is one of the only countries, if not the only, where copyrights have to be registered, because the USA did not sign the Berne convention about Intellectual Property, most other countries signed. No wonder, a lot of Intellectual Property, in developed form, ends up being owned by USA citizens. Apparently more than 50% of foreign revenue in the USA originates from Intellectual Property, called "Spiritual Property" by Dutch people. John Barlow, who wrote music for the Grateful Dead, wrote how ideas, which cannot be owned according to the law, are being traded, worldwide. Africahead Ipparts (AFA) brand tokens is, as far as i know, the first brand token, backed contractually, according to the AFA white paper by 48% of the Africahead brand. Africahead may not sell the 48% in future as part of a going-concern, because AFA holders will own the 48%. Divided Party (DiP) token is the second brand token. DiP is a new political party with the objective to unite the left and the right in one party ( The NAZI party was called "The National Socialist German Workers' Party" ( The main difference between capitalism and socialism/communism is about "the Creator". Surprising isn't it? If you are interested to know more, read my article about it at: The English definitions of capitalism, communism and socialism are from the Oxford Dictionary. Maybe if you are really interested to know what reality is Google Translate could give you a readable version of the rest.

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