Bitcoin Maximalism and Other Maximalisms Compared

Bitcoin Maximalism and Other Maximalisms Compared

By BitcoinGordon | BitcoinGordon | 17 Sep 2021

Dear Cryptonians, Unite!

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Crypto, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the blockchain enterprise, and you are all welcome aboard!

For the Trekkies, that was a cute gag. For the rest of us, let me continue.

Maximalism has it's benefits and detractions. Can there be too much of a good thing? From the outside looking in, yes absolutely. But, from the inside out, many would contend that there is simply no other way, but to be a maxi. Whether it is Bitcoin or any other choice; to select something above all others is the ultimate commitment, and sometimes it is ill-gotten or perhaps not even rational. Hey, this makes for a really cool topic for a post. Therefore... carry on, Dr. Freeman.

I'm in the middle of treating myself to this:

I can't imagine why it would be age restricted, but I pronounce it safe for consumption.

I have never been a Trekkie. I love the soundtracks, I love space, I love tech, I love movies. But, I've managed to maintain the awe of these things in the original Star Wars movies while understanding the underlying hoakiness, largely because I waited around the block in the first weeks of the first release.

Genius breaks rules and breaks boundaries, and Lucas accomplished so many things technically, that entire schools of art are now dedicated to learn his methods, while technology itself is defined by his standards, like THX and the sort. Without his blue screens and hundreds of hours of models being blown to bits, we wouldn't have green screens of professional on-set pyrotechnics with the same parameters. Animatronics, puppeteers, film layers, Industrial Light and Magic, you name it, and the sins of the Ewoks and JarJar Binks may be forgiven, but not without a pause for the stomach to settle.

Strangely enough, I'm still not a Star Wars maxi. Me and my friends tried making Star Wars home movies growing up. I did stop motion with my Star Wars characters. Shut up, they were... fine art silent films. While it may have lifted me into a greater love for space and astronomical science, it didn't strike the maxi-ness that some of my friends caught.

Leaving those things be, I have always admired the Star Trek series, and desperately sought a means to be invited into the Trekkie maxi mentality. I simply cannot find a way in. The make-up, the made up languages, the tribble sillies, the red shirt jokes, and I'm simply constantly watching for "how did they do that effect" when I watch a show. Now, I have crossed a barrier and found my way to enjoy a little bit of the movie side, while still sensing that other than Picard, I feel I'm certain I'm smiling for a dear friend's kids, doing the school play version of... but I have come to appreciate what the "real" version would be like for some rather decent scripts. I love the characters, I love some of the ideas, I believe in the idea that if we could get along for a single second without being steered and manipulated, the future could aspire to some of the qualifications of humanism, though I believe they are all wrought with error. But, for whatever reason, my relationship with Trek remains surface, and with admiration without question, from outside the bubble. I wish I could drink in the magic, but it ain't there.

So, I can equally say that I am blessed in another way; I absolutely adore Shatner and I wish him another 100 years God bless him. Whether the skinny old black and white theater version or the slightly womanizing 60's, or the off-the-chain brilliant genius over the top Denny Crane swollen but still kicking Shatner, I just love the guy. He is the John Wayne of my era and no one can both be himself and perfectly comfortable making fun of himself as well as William Shatner. If every kid on the planet were brainwashed into Marxism and hated the flag and for all it stands, there would be still one redeeming quality that is 100% American, and that is William Shatner (even though he's Canadian!!!). From his plain straight atcha-ness, to his...




trademark pause, to his big swollen fat head and mesmerized stare. No one can do a "deer in the headlights" or "I am shocked and offended and about to laugh at the same time" better than grand ole Bill. He reminds me of several people I know and admire in real life, so that surely has more to do with anything I love about the guy on screen, but that is to say, as much as I can make any day a brighter one just by remembering a moment of Boston Legal when the entire point of anything is, simply put, "I'm Denny Crane", the hard cold truth of the matter, is that I am still not a William Shatner maximalist.

Weird how that works, isn't it?

I mean, I spend literally zero time thinking about whether I am an Aliens franchise maxi, but I know in a heartbeat it is a better space series than Star Wars OR Star Trek. Weaver and Mother beast are without any doubt better actors and special effects, and yet no one feels the need to dedicate large portions of their lives or vacay savings to go to Alien conferences, that I am aware of. No one is spending thousands of hours learning make-up tips on how to get that alien gel-spit-thing down like they are working on Klingon speak or forehead prosthetics. But, if held at gun point chained to a polygraph and Scientology scanner, I would swear under oath that Aliens had 'em all beat.

Coke or Pepsi? Quick!!!!! Yeah, I am really, really strange. I don't drink either now, but I love them looooove 'em. I can think and tell you exactly what is different about the taste and the experience of the two. The slightly stronger tingle and bite of a Coke with satisfying sugar pow that hits your cheeks, the soft foamy fuzz immediately to follow. The Pepsi sizzle with too much sugar, but in the kindest way. What about Euro Coke at room temperature. Ewww but also very different. the edge of carb-bubbles is more foamy feeling and you get a sense of what it would be like if licking the Coke up off the concrete after already spilled more so than that crisp refreshing harkening back to the days where it must have been a kick with the "coke" as an actual ingredient- lol. But, I'm not loyal really to either if I were forced to choose one over the other at a restaurant. Even if I loathed Pepsi products, or we were talking Mr. Pibb versus Dr. Pepper, while I certainly notice the difference, I truly from the heart don't care that much. Neither of them did that much for me, so my life has meaning without being a devotee in maximalism.

Mac or PC? While I have used both, in fact my first computer course was on an Apple IIC and I got a high 70 in the class, which I am not proud of. I owned personally a Trash 80 and paid to upgrade the internal RAM to 512 from 256. That was a big deal. I used my own savings to buy an outboard floppy disk drive for $240 and I still remember staring at the add in the Radio Shack fliers for the months leading up to the purchase. I owned a cassette drive where I would load my TRS-80 version of Zaxxon, a truly 3D experience -lol. I was quite proud of these things. I even had a Texas Instruments silver thingy that I honestly have no idea why on earth they even made it. Can someone help me, there? Prolly.

The Mac was great for early Photoshop and Quark, but was very, very, very expensive, did everything else poorly, and once I learned the same key functions for the PC versions, there was literally no benefit cost or otherwise to justify the ethos that "Mac is for creative, PC is for business" nerd mentality. Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates. Are you kidding 1990's? Seriously, they were both 2 versions of the same hacks trying to take over the world. While Jobs quacked on about Bill stealing Mac for Windows, they both secretly chuckled about what they took from Compaq and HP systems. The best thing to come from Jobs' Apple was script, that is to say fonts as an art form. We do all owe that gratitude. Of the rest, really Woz is the one we should maxi all on about, y'know? What a neat guy. Still to this day, even if I disagree with him on a lot of stuff, if I were rich and he were willing, I'd hire him for every cool idea I can think of, because I honestly think he would do it just because it could be cool... or fun. The two best motivators for something a nerd wants to do, should be "cool" or "fun". Hmmmmm, am I a Wozmaxi? I'm not sure I would be ashamed of that, but I'm not ready to sell the T-Shirts yet. 

Whether its boxers or briefs, manual or automatic, Ford or Chevy, Bitcoin or "Crypto", I am both an admirer and outsider when it comes to maximalism, and I will tell you why. Inside of crypto, it isn't about preference, it is more about one's scope of vision. To say that there is no other coin but Bitcoin, is understandable according to maximalist pillars of faith, but it is wearing ignorance as a badge of pride. There is absolutely nothing, nooootttthhhing wrong with utilizing maximalism as a method of operations, as a belief in the superiority of survival, market share, craft, length of time, mystique in creation, the list goes on. But, I find it more and more and more, for myself, about framing the space.

What is the point in all of this crypto stuff? Is it bankers patenting "stuff" in the name of separating blockchain technology from crypto, or currency? Or, is it about embracing an idea that the entire history of the future is going to be about crypto, turning everything into crypto, automating everything on chain, improving, changing, replacing legacy with better things?

From my view, Bitcoin maximalism is a right, and maybe even a rite of passage, but it is very easy to slip into that narrow vision of it becoming forced ignorance by pure will. 

No matter what I do, what I believe, or what narrative I try on as an outfit for my avatar, the truth of the matter is that Bitcoin was the first in its success, but it is not the only one. Only then if, and only if, it were still the only cryptocurrency at market, would maximalism be what the maxi claims it to be. To state there is Bitcoin and no other, is simply an inaccurate statement. Let me phrase this better for fellow Bitcoin believers, then, to say that Bitcoin may be the first, might be the best, is the largest market share, the highest price value, the most recognized, the most developed in scrutiny, the longest running myths and lore, the original from which fake Bitcoins fork, and has a remarkably accurate living breathing economic policy that proves some econ theory in a fabulous way. Those things make me sound eerily similar to a maxi. But, thing is, I look around, and there are a lot a LOT of cool things I can say about other 'stuff'. None of them are, or will be Bitcoin, but at least 0.05% of the other projects do exist outside of Bitcoin, and may even make the crypto space a better argument for keeping it all around.

Litecoin exists. I know, it's hard to take. But it is true, it is here, doing pretty darn good as silver to Bitcoin's gold. Because it doesn't aspire to be better than Bitcoin's gold, it follows the same rules and limits output to 84M to Bitcoin's 21M.

Ethereum is a mess, but it is huge, second in line by most metrics, although there are some flippening-worthy competitors. It does some of that supercomputer stuff pretty well, and despite the fact there are hundreds of valid ways a person can slice it to make a fantastic point why to choose between Bitcoin or Ether, truth be told I could wrap my entire existence around being an Ether maxi and I would not run out of good material. Vitalik has done one heck of a thing. But, the truth is, there are things going on with Bitcoin that I think matter so much as to say if forced to choose, I might choose Bitcoin. And then again, I firmly believe at this point, we truly all want, all kinda need for ERC-20's to work. There is a "space" where a lot of good things simply go away, if we are left to return to 2011 and have Bitcoin, fiat, and nothing else.

Choice is good. Industry growing around the roads Bitcoin paved is good. There being hundreds of tokens for you to hate is a good thing. Bitcoin or bust may end up being the options that really happen for us. Maybe. Maybe not. But, to be a maxi means literally sticking the fingers in the ears, closing the eyes, yelling "nah nah nah nah nah I can't hear you see you smell you" to every other project, and I find that pleasantly, admirably delusional in the best and worst sense of the words. 

I love the maxi's, except when they are particularly rude to others outside the bubble. 

So here we have come to my point.

Maximalism of any kind, truly should be something so well worn, dictates so perfectly played, that it inspires a healthy jealousy to all others outside of the maxi bubble. Others should WANT to be a maxi. It shouldn't require shaming others for being curious about other projects. It shouldn't be about playing others down, in order to play up your strengths. Lord knows there are enough villains in the space that we don't need to prove how bad they are, in order to celebrate how great Bitcoin is. Ethereum 2.0 should be a success. In fact, we should WANT for it to be a success. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with discovering than there is ultimately some point to NFTs as long as we can self-govern that people need to buy things rationally to support the creators, not thinking in terms of future value, because thus far, there is no proof that imaginary pet rocks and beanie babies are going to fair well in the future of collectibles, so taking out a second mortgage for a picture of a monkey may not be easy convincing of the spouse, is all I'm saying. No, it isn't all I'm saying. I think it's all great, wild, fantastic! But, I'm not a crypto kitties maxi and that ain't gonna happen.

Richard Heart is... quite something. I love him. I am annoyed by him. I am routing him on, and I swear if he is just playing ponzi games buying all this crap for random rich man jollies, it will be the very worst sitcom of capitalism that ever played out over the internet. But, I believe him thus far, and think the "Hex is a scam" narrative has been nothing short of embarrassing. The fact I haven't gone a marathon interview with him is sad to me, but that's your fault for not plugging Gordon- yeah that's how that works- lololol.

Truth is, HEX exists. Soon, there will probably be a Pulsechain. People may be getting incredibly fiat rich, as long as they have actually cashed some out and not just counting on NGU HexTech for what happens in 5 years, 10, 15. The numbers may not lie, but ultimately it is 100% about liquidity when the time comes to collect and nothing else. So, while I adore what I think I am seeing in the HEX community and the phenomenon that has developed, I am not a HEX maxi, and it isn't likely to happen despite all of the good things.

Richard is right about dozens of things he now states adamantly against Bitcoin, having been a proponent for Bitcoin's success in the past. Favoring ETH high above once deciding to place HEX on the ETH chain. Thing is, then gas fees made a strong point that fees-too-high is not okay. That is actually Richard's lack of foresight, and is a weakness in his judgment, but Richard is remarkably good at spinning all things to = his genius. If he improves things with Pulsechain, it could be another grand slam for the fancy watch man, and I would love it! But... guess what I'm gonna say.

Yeah. Still not a maxi. Never likely to be.

I don't ignore one good thing in order to make room for how much I love another. 

I really like this small, on the rise project GEEQ. You've probably seen my mention them here and there, and poke at members of the team from time to time. Believe it or not, even though I day trade, I do not push other people's coins or projects to pump my bags or even to recommend others "get in". I'm not shopping for the next Bitcoin killer, and I don't run after the next 100X. I don't believe that the trick to being the next billionaire is accidentally slipping into the right pump and dump at the right time, as opposed to 99% of the others who buy the top and get stuck there to provide liquidity for the earliest pumpers to dump. 

With GEEQ, for example,  I've studied the folks on the team, enjoyed their videos, been impressed with their explanations of things and I think that if really smart people like these guys set out to do some of the things they talk about, it will be really cool. In that manner, it seems bizarre to me that I might betray, and cause Twitter blocks and unfollows and mutes, because I think a tech company in the crypto space might find its own place in the future of this grand story we are all a part of.

I imagine a future where I hope to have long lasting friendships with people like the Geeq team, where maybe some of our ideals rub off on one another, while respecting our differences in very strong opinions, but in fact, recognizing that they do in fact exist, means that there is one good thing happening out there in crypto in addition to Bitcoin, that can also be good for the future of crypto, and does not have to hamper Bitcoin's very important monetary policy. It isn't like the hundreds of total crap pump coins that come and go, giving legitimacy to the idealism of Bitcoin maximalism.

So here's what's equally interesting; I get it. The things that people inside the maxi bubble have to say about Bitcoin. I TOTALLY get it, because just looking from a purely economic standpoint, the real HODL belief is that enough people just buying and holding, and the supply will fold on itself. But, part of being a maxi is things happening like El Salvador. Outside the bubble, the 'normie' economists have it totally wrong. They poke at the wild volatility as a problem for transacting, when truth is any business can swap to the dollar immediately after a sale if they need to secure the value. But, their monetary system now has an added benefit that if they can save, even pennies at a time, they are holding an asset that their country's leader believes is going to go up. Their country is actually going to invest in bringing green mining to the table to be a part of a network that believes in the valued scarcity of digital gold. To have numerous parallel coins working towards that same goal doesn't really bring the same kind of competition that other markets might bring.

For instance, in car manufacturing, if all things were level, perhaps 20 companies working towards a better environmental solution for cars than the current Tesla electric format, someone will end up with a cheaper solution with longer miles and lower carbon footprint. With Bitcoin, there is a finite amount of money freely moving around at market, and a limited number of opportunities to buy bitcoin that are available. One could add other long running finite supply coins like Litecoin, but eventually you're talking a few trillion dollars necessary to maintain an economic advantage over other countries. Competition isn't necessarily about finding more and more bitcoin-like L2 payment options that kick Western Union in the pants; it's about the fact that a transactional solution can also be a store of value towards the future, while bringing stability back to the country who's government lost its own fiat to corruption.

We're now going to enter a time where I go lower case just for a change up. You'll see- lol.

There's so much more to say here, because at the end of the day, whether it is Star Wars or Star Trek, Big Mac or the Whopper, Chevron or Texaco, The Bulls or the Bears, Bitcoin or... anything else, there is a lot to be said for being maximalized towards "something" for the right reasons, while also not trading this in for delusional, irrational views on the landscape around you. Being a maxi doesn't have to mean tunnel vision for everything else that actually exists. It doesn't mean being a sell-out or thinking that multiple things that do NOT crossover, could have their place and purpose. Once again, bitcoin is really the main thing where this comes up. There will probably be a bitcoin non-fungibility, selling pictures on top, bitcoin smart contracts, and and myriad of things beyond the taproot horizon. I don't really care if bitcoin can do those things or not. To me, I'm not sure it makes bitcoin a better bitcoin. Some people who are maxi's believe part of the reason for maximalism is that you don't have to embrace bitcoin and ethereum to get everything they both do, because eventually bitcoin will be able to do those things and do them better. To me, that's kinda like admitting something exists outside maxi world but its okay, because eventually bitcoin will have that too. It's kinda weird.

And for the flipside once again, from a maximalized perspective, I totally get the perspective of "only bitcoin" when I see flavor of the day activity in the Twitter feed constantly. Watch guys think of the ABC123 airdrop, the xyz pump, I'm all in on pbj, Shiba gonna pump, the next moon for XRP gonna be insaneeeeee and on and on. Something comes and goes every single day, and 99.999% of these eventually do go to zero. There are SO many projects that have little or no purpose to them, and are a lucky or not so lucky gamble with a sucker born each minute. The "experts" encouraging people to pay for their pump group to latch on to these nothing coins are contributing to sideways lack of innovation and eventually these are dollars that permanently leave the crypto space. When people get wiped out thinking the advice out there is real advice, they often never return. Let's not give the agencies a reason to regulate the life out of this.

So, from a bitcoin maxi perspective, if you're JUST looking at the flight by night pumpers, I totally 100% get it. The dialogue that there is only one bitcoin is completely appropriate, justified, and frankly correct. Maybe that holds for ADA as well. I'm not really a fan as time has gone along, but they are real. You don't have to like them, and don't even have to take them seriously. If they have another radical pump, the Cardano noise will be unbearable, but the 'belief' in it as a project will largely only be because it pumped. What I see as a rational defense in the bitcoin ideal, is that bitcoin has a reason to stay with it, to watch the pressure on supply continue. It may go from $8400 to $3800 in a pandemic, but when it returns it will peak at $13,000, and then the next time $64,000. All the while, China bans it, Senator Warren tries to murder it, Max K. scares people away from it- lol, and it's still here, picking up platforms like PayPal and large investment groups.

See how this works? There is rationalism FOR a certain arena of bitcoin maximalism, and there is a very logical place for other rising projects. In my opinion, those projects will be one in ten thousand, but there will be a lot of them. There will be artists born in making crypto art, furniture, jewelry. There will be NFTs to collect from everyone that should never do NFTs- lol. There will be gift cards that work on L2s of your favorite coins. There will be more and more financial services that let you earn cash back in crypto, or buy/sell by lending on your crypto. There will be hardware solutions no one is doing yet. There will be new ways to get into mining, or things different from mining, that are part of an industry we haven't gotten to yet. But, only if we all band together to stamp out the tyranny taking place. We all lose everything, if the UN and the WEF and all of the U.S. financial agencies get their way. You may be on one political side or the other, but it's time to take a realistic, rational look at what they are trying to do to our beautiful technology. I have to believe that for all the people who strongly disagree with one another on their health thoughts, policy thoughts, hot button issue thoughts, that they still want to see their investments thrive, or their HODLings increase in value. It is not going to happen while supporting the bloated global governance ideal, and the only thing that stamps that out for good is 100% absolute terror of the masses. We should be one single CRYPTO maxi voice when it comes to protecting our arena, and standing our ground. You can afford to be a "x" maxi all day and night, if you get that one thing right.

So, that's my thing. Enjoy your thing. Support the original OG bitcoin because it is the basis by which economic policy is going to lift many out of poverty, or we all lose. But, on the landscape are probably hundreds of projects out of the thousands, that will eventually find a place that not only isn't competition, but actually helps prove the point of maximalism, by providing legitimacy in other areas where that maxi coin is simply not designed to resolve problems needing to be fixed. Fit the pieces together, and we have a future to protect. This all ends up being about value and protecting future wealth. Beyond the pumps and all the noise, only a few of the best will rise to the top. To be a maximalist in crypto at all, should at least include, the desire to see a free market succeed.

And on that note, Crypto Gordon Freeman, for now... out.


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