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25 Mar 2019 1 minute read 2 comments erimo

As humans, we're gifted with privileges. No matter what our social status is, there would always be our fair share in the society where we belong. No one could say that we've been taken for granted by whoever supreme power we believe in. It's for us...

How one keeps going

23 Mar 2019 1 minute read 1 comment band

Life becomes better if you have people who believe in you. It gets especially hard when you're an entrepreneur. Or one with loads of ideas. And not huge cash reserves to start with. It really tests family and friendships. Of those who believe in you....

Why team work doesn't work sometimes

17 Mar 2019 1 minute read 0 comments band

I recently joined a new PIF (pay-it-forward) site. It was all very well and we were all earning fast. Then things started slowing down this month. It seems a huge base of new members will start coming in. It was requested we fund and help them. But b...

On the healing properties of trees

17 Mar 2019 2 minute read 0 comments band

You must have climbed a tree when you were a kid. Or maybe even hugged a tree as an adult. It's all so very instinctive. This thing about trees. Others even build tree houses. Simple ones. Complex ones. And kids spend time all day long there. Lost in...

Everything is rigged

16 Mar 2019 4 minute read 1 comment band

I tried my best not to write this. But write I must. It will not give me any rest until I do. From the day we were born, we were already under the mercy of lords of the earth. We knew this when we planned our lives here on earth. We knew what the har...

What matters most in relationships

16 Mar 2019 3 minute read 0 comments band

I had just come from the big city in 2001, finding my bearings back home. Then a college buddy asked me what I thought was important in relationships. Three things, I blurted out: 1. Love. 2. Trust. 3. Respect. Not that I'm any guru. But he asked me...

How to prevent jealousy in this world

16 Mar 2019 2 minute read 2 comments band

People become jealous because you have what they don't have. They think you have what they want. You're probably too good-looking, too rich, too awesome. And they begin to see their lack. When people get jealous, it's merely a feeling of seeming infe...

The difference between banks and bitcoin

12 Mar 2019 2 minute read 2 comments band

It may not have been so in the beginning but it seems so now. Banks seem to veer toward debt creation. Bitcoin seems to focus on wealth creation. Stop paying your mortgage or credit cards. See what happens. The banks will call. Debt collection agenci...

Will bitcoin save us?

11 Mar 2019 1 minute read 0 comments band

Bitcoin is good, just as anything created with heart is good. It's really only how people use it. Do they hoard it? Share it? What's the intention? What's the vision? But I do know that there's only one real currency -- LOVE. Love is what will save u...

Your work is your own prayer

11 Mar 2019 1 minute read 0 comments band

Work is sacred for me. I can't just do work that doesn't honor my soul. And that's why I left many jobs. I probably had three dozen jobs. A true job hopper grasshopper. Until one day, I said, "Enough, I'll work on my own now". And started becoming an...