Abstract Green, Yellow Soon

Abstract Green, Yellow Soon

By szbarnaus | szbarnaus_photography | 16 Oct 2020

A week ago although I was motivated to make a productive weekend writing an endless line of articles :) as used to be, life called, putting me in the middle of a huge pile of tasks. OK, I thought and immediately I started making through by listing them and checking it done one after the another. I missed Publish0x, I tried to catch a glimpse tot he news as I used to and take part in this splendid community.

This morning I was thrilled by the surprise. Alexandru-Balan, thank you for your article. This means a lot to me. Also, Sugarfix,  PVMichalache  and tomoyan, I'm touched by your great words about me. Thank you!

On to the Yellow post

This post was not scheduled and was not planned. I was working on my travel photo-series. Also, a collection of abstract natural photos is taking shape - ongoing work for a couple of years, finally, I wanted to sort out, at least try to take a photo for each month of the year, each period. Yesterday as I enjoyed the sun - which was always a special warmth to it ... and with this collection I'm searching for this by scanning the possible textures and patterns in yellow leaves. Anyways, I wanted to make something suddenly as I saw your great words. So without a plan, without a vision, just the simple act of thank you, I want to show you some of the photos from this collection.

As I was working on this project I saw a great pattern in the abstract shapes as the jiggling and dancing leaves are jumping beneath turning yellow, or just waving to the bright ones, I'm next... see you later. Strange, as usually every time this season.

Alexandru Balans praiseworthy words about my writing, citing the pen and paper truly got me, so immediately picked up my pen, and had to make small poems to the new photos. So please accept these guys, as special dedication.

As we look forward to the fall, the colder side of this season, I urge you to take a glimpse whenever it's possible to the sunny, bright colours of the leaves and please without any fuss or delay, accept my small poems, more like postcards from the strange fall, falling season, and sunny colours.

szbarnaus abstraction



szba yellow

Take care and have a miraculous season full of sun, colour and great ideas. As every bright leave fall, so does fall tips and success drops to your work and life.

See you soon, again!




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