Publish0x Got Talent. E03

By ProngsDark | Alexandru Balan | 14 Oct 2020


You might think that I forgot about this series, but you would be wrong to think that, I've just been lazy which is an entirely different thing 😂. Don't worry I'm back and I've brought with me another very talented publisher, a master of lights and shadows, a harbinger of beauty, but also a gifted writer.

This time I'd like to bring to the spotlight someone that I've been following for some time now and that has followed me for even longer I think.

"That's favoritism! You can't do this!"

First of all, I'd like to say: "Oh yeah? Watch me!😂". And second of all, if I get to see you, if you can bring your talent to my attention of course that's a plus and I'll be more inclined to write the next article about you. Yes, you! Stand still, laddie! First to get this reference will get two golden stars from me (they have no value, but you can feel proud of yourself).

Back to our guest, if you didn't guess it by now, he is a photographer, he's hard-working and he's come a long way since I first discovered him. Not only has his content improved over time, but he's also become more consistent in his posting schedule (something that I lack right now), which makes him the perfect candidate for this series. Struggling authors from Publish0x, let us all unite! Can I write an entire article with quotes from movies and songs? Probably.

Enough with the blabber, I present you...



He likes to describe himself as a photo-making cybernaut, an art lover, and Sci-Fi fan, and honestly even if I were to write this introduction I couldn't have said it better. Though, I'd like to expand on his interests, especially the photography since that's what most of his articles focus on. 

What I like about the photos he takes is that he can capture everyday life in a way that is pleasant without seeming artificial. I like to see artists portraying life in a realistic manner. While preparing a shot for 30 minutes and spending 3 hours afterward in Photoshop trying to adjust the color tones can give a picture a "wow" boost, it can also make them look artificial, too perfect perhaps.

postcards from wasteland szbarnaus

szbarnaus' photos tell a story that everyone can relate to. The good things, the bad things, they all form what we call life, and that's what his shots capture. A slice of life as seen through his own lenses.


But there is more to szbarnaus

His work doesn't stop at pictures, no. He's pretty talented with the pen as well, or the keyboard, to be more precise. Each post is accompanied by a suite of epithets that describe the feelings behind the photos. 

While English is not his first language he's not afraid to express himself and I encourage him to continue in doing so. And not just him, I encourage all of you to not be afraid of people, of what they might think and say about your writing because at in the end language is no barrier when you want to touch the hearts of others.

szbarnaus, I'm glad I found you on this platform and I hope you'll continue to lend Publish0x your unique skills and vision, and I hope you'll keep us all enchanted with the photos from your life.

Happy Talent Tuesday!

"Ummm it's Wednesday and you're one week late on this article".

And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you, meddling kids!

Final thoughts:

I hope you enjoyed this week's guest and don't forget to pay szbarnaus a visit and follow him for a healthy dose of pictures.

Also, remember, if you think you're talented, hard-working, but still don't find an audience here because of the topics you're posting about, give me an email at [email protected] with a link to your Publish0x profile. I'll take a look and you might be the next one I write about.

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