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Cybernaut making photos. Interested in adding more value and transparency to the undervalued artworks. I love the Art World, innovation and economics and in my free time, I'm a Sci-Fi lover.

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Golden Shadows

16 Sep 2020 1 minute read 6 comments szbarnaus

What can be better than a walk in the freshness of the morning? The light as just got risen form the dreamy night, still sleepy, still lazy - but caressingly warm. Remembers us with thousands of golden arrows, that the day is ahead of us. As we step...

Post Crisis World - Misplaced2020

3 Sep 2020 1 minute read 5 comments szbarnaus

I was bombarded with the disturbing visuals of waste, junk on the streets. The cigarettes, the small thingies... I was always angry... but after years of the same patterns, these became less flashy. Recently, however, I noticed a large number of face...

Mosaic perspectives

22 Jul 2020 1 minute read 1 comment szbarnaus

Possibilities are endless when we came to taking pictures, making the most from alternative angles. This is the true love for photography - I guess. So, a little story here: as I bought a new camera, immediately I tried to make shots from my window....

MapleFlies - Seeds to Fly 🍁

22 Jun 2020 1 minute read 0 comments szbarnaus

I always liked maple seeds. The shape of them, the pure existence of them. They could be the symbols of true entrepreneurship.The boldness, the hardihood to be successful, to fulfil their goal to survive, reach as far as possible - they truly give t...

Snail Story, luckily NOT a said Story

20 Jun 2020 1 minute read 2 comments szbarnaus

A quite lovely morning. As I’m galloping on the street I almost stepped on this little fellow. Thankfully we avoided the possible worst-case scenario. After a minuscule sigh of relief, I took a quick portrait as a memory of our little adventure toge...

Waiting for the UpHold Card

4 May 2020 1 minute read 3 comments szbarnaus

Last night, I had a dream, that my Uphold Card just arrived. I opened the envelope, took out my fresh plastic smelling card and headed to the city… OK, let's stop that now - Well, this is /obviously/ just a dream - 1. we are all stuck inside in our...

TrainRide in time of Corona

2 May 2020 1 minute read 0 comments szbarnaus

These days I’m travelling just once a week to the office, so the train ride became quite interesting, as almost nobody is travelling now. Empty chairs, some of them fading in time. Sunny, but gives shivering these colours and otherworldly mood of emp...

Train Abstraction

23 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments szbarnaus

Hi! So much news in the world these days, just take a break for a moment, while I'm waiting for the train. I want to show you a small collection of daily shots I made - as a visual collage. An Abstraction. As I mentioned earlier to you, I'm commuting...

The productivity tools I use and you should too!

17 Mar 2020 3 minute read 2 comments szbarnaus

Yesterday I launched my blog with some options for a quick cash option for start as an online entrepreneur, in general. My goal this week is to challenge myself with the task - how can I start earning, making something out of nothing. If you missed m...

Shadow on the Wood

16 Mar 2020 1 minute read 1 comment szbarnaus

Today was a great, sunny day. Full with struggle, stress but motivation. I decided I want to write more, make and share Stories - even when it’s just an idea.  Like this one - I was smiling when the Sun become curious about my work and took a sip fro...


Golden Shadows

16 Sep 2020 szbarnaus

17 September 2020
Thank you @Sugarfix ! :)

Golden Shadows

16 Sep 2020 szbarnaus

17 September 2020
Thanks for the tip! All the best!

Golden Shadows

16 Sep 2020 szbarnaus

17 September 2020
Have a lovely day as well! Thankfully, everything's OK. I become philosophical these days, so I'm writing as well. Maybe this time I'll pull the plug to publish regularly. Congrats for the new Job, and good luck! As well for looking to the Windows :D Take Care!

Post Crisis World - Misplaced2020

3 Sep 2020 szbarnaus

16 September 2020
You're right, but hope for the best! :)

Terminal Treasures. Episode 1.

13 Sep 2020 Alexandru-Balan

15 September 2020
This is a Great One!

River Hiking - Torrente Dragone (Northern Italy)

12 Sep 2020 lemming

12 September 2020
This was a lovely walk!

The Road to Ethereum 2.0

10 Sep 2020 Violet64

11 September 2020
Whohoo, I've just gave you the first tip of the day for your article, and it was ETH! (I was crossing my fingers to be, because it's a damn good article! Have a nice one!)

Life update. Why have I been missing and going forward.

9 Sep 2020 Alexandru-Balan

10 September 2020
That's what I was thingking lately - and One of the reasons I check the red bell icon up there.... specially monday morning (you know... first tip... for the sunday ones! ). Great job, great project, great to have you back! Looking forward to the next ones! Have a nice one! ;)

Trade Republic Stock Broker Has A New Referral Program: Get 15€ For Signing Up And 15€ Per Successful Invite (Only 1€ Fee Per Order Stocks + ETFs)

2 Sep 2020 MoreGainStrategies

05 September 2020
Thank you for the info @MorgenTee. I would jump in, but is not YET available in my country. I liked (and I tipped - but it's not news) your post. Strait to the point, pure info. Best luck. Oh, I followed you so I'll stick around.

Post Crisis World - Misplaced2020

3 Sep 2020 szbarnaus

03 September 2020
Well said, this is true. Unfortunatelly, people aka WE, don't realize the problems in time: the importance of small, multiplied by often. Take Care @crafter !

My New Crypto Art Tokens - NFT Showroom Release

27 Aug 2020 AlmightyMelon

27 August 2020
Great Job @AlmightyMelon - Thanks for the TIP I'll check out Hive and the NFT Showroom, here's my TIP :)

#MyStateraProject Contest Winners Announced: $500 in $ETH Given Out!

19 Aug 2020 Igor Tomić

19 August 2020
This was a Great One! I tried to read them all, just to learn and suck up the knowledge as a cryptosponge. But I succeed only for a few of my fellow writers who I follow regularly. SO Nice work @scottcbusiness, @alexandru-balan, @Cryptonators-Airdrop-Hunt, @Mynima! Have a nice one!

Portugal - Lisbon

8 Aug 2020 portugal

09 August 2020
Great mood in the pictures! Nice soft colors, also - I love Lisbon too. Last time, with the Ferreira post you made me dig in to my old photos from my Portugal trips. Now, that you remembered Lisbon, I'm about to share them too. Great post, great content and examplary consistency. Kepp up this good work, and good luck. In the meantime, I'll click the tips ;)

The Motivation & Inspiration Trap

8 Aug 2020 Scott Cunningham

08 August 2020
Guilty in charge in a way... I was (sometimes) always seeking motivation, to be fair and say the worst -I was searching the absolute motivation. Plus being a perfectionist, guess what happened - now I'm dealing with multiple crises - that's good for motivation :)) You're absolute right: taking full responsibility could be a burden, hard feeling, stress over the top, but when you have done something, it's literally lifechanging. BTW after the motivational wreckage issue, I want to refresh my post, to do it right. Thank you for the boost, again! :)

The productivity tools I use and you should too!

17 Mar 2020 szbarnaus

27 July 2020
:) Me too - good-old Moleskine and a nice pen and let's go! For me Notion is like a dynamic dashboard and I like using it + the capacity to shape as you want is magical - but for planning, thinking the first step is always the paper for me. Even for the posts - I write them on paper as sketches first.

Waiting for the UpHold Card

4 May 2020 szbarnaus

27 July 2020
Nothing yet - almost though - a domain, but at that time due to the ETH price I was below the purchasing price with gas fee, so next time. As a first step I orders some cards to test them, to learn the first transactions beetween wallets and these cards... BTW This is exactly the subject for one of my post I'm working on - how to connect the crypto wealth to the physical, use of cards :) No later than this fall I want to make my first purchase so thats the plan :)

Half a year in the crypto realm

26 Jul 2020 Alexandru-Balan

27 July 2020
That's what I'm talking about: thank you for the kind words :) - No rush, just quality. I also realized, after I felt the need to blow up some words, and after that just remain silence it isn't the key for a successful writer carreer :)) At the moment, I'm just reading, learning how to edit properly a post, and after I have some article down the line, I'll post it. Lesson 1: consistency is key, so I'm meditating on the issue :) Good Luck, Have a nice Week!

Half a year in the crypto realm

26 Jul 2020 Alexandru-Balan

26 July 2020
@alexandru-balan You did and you are doing a great job! As you mentioned, little after you started I also started to familiarize the platform. After a bunch of months doing nothing, I started to get a hang of it - reading and writing - not as good and productive as you, but writers and great persons like you, definitely motivates me. So, Thank you for the motivation. Now that you mentioned, yes, I saw your articles in sunday evenings. Tomorrow, my first job will be, to tip this article with FULL POWER! And yes, that's the hook I like - the promise for the better future - for all of us! I'm learning from you (I mean including You Guys - as you mentioned almoust all of my dudes, who I follow regularly). So on my side, I'm still polishing my writing skill and making my daily tip tour based on the red bell up in the corner :) I'm convinced that, with steady publishing habit and quality, simple, honest post like this, your portfolio will grow a lot by then. Which in fact is a great guide for beginners BTW showing the weights, what coin, token worth the time and effort. Huge Thank You again - all the best! Looking forward to the next 6 month, and next sunday :)

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River Hiking - Torrente Dragone (Northern Italy)

12 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments lemming

The Torrente Dragone is a creek tributary of the River Secchia that stands in the highest sector of the Northern Apennines in the Province of Modena. It shows different morphologies and changes along its course even on small distances. It can be larg...

Reinvent Yourself

20 Apr 2020 3 minute read comments martamarjan

The COVID-19 pandemic came out of nowhere shaking our comfort zones, showing us how powerful something that we cannot see, can be.   Although we have been growing aware, fed by the news and our personal experiences, that technology advancements are b...

TOP Things You Should Know About Bat & Brave

15 Jan 2020 16 minute read comments MuyAsk

Hello, welcome to my blog, Crypto Truth Lexicon, you all very welcome here.  I decided to create my own little series and post some very useful information for everyone regarding my favorite projects. Starting with BAT & Brave, I have answered some o...



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