Swissborg Update: The Swissborg Community index

Swissborg Update: The Swissborg Community index

By Overmind | SwissBorg | 8 Dec 2020

Hi all Swissborgers and potential ones :D

Swissborg has announced the Swissborg Community Index in their last Pow Wow from last week.

The objective of the Swissborg Community Index SCI is to define a new reward model for SwissBorg app users and SwissBorg token (CHSB) holders in a sustainable way and is based on the key figures of the SwissBorg ecosystem.

The SCI can range between 0 and 10 and will be updated on a weekly basis, it is used to calculate the yield for the users CHSB Smart Yield account. To achieve this, the SCI should extend the value generating mechanisms of the Reward Program, the Protect & Burn level as well as the DAO Reward. The goals of the SCI are mostly based on financial incentive and community driven: 

  • Linkage of growth and performance of the SwissBorg ecosystem with its community
  • Coupling of the CHSB Smart Yield account, giving a sustainable income to users based on ecosystem growth
  • An incentive to HODL CHSB tokens
  • Giving users passive income  for the monitoring of SwissBorg’s development and growth
  • Positioning SwissBorg’s as a leader in community-centric initiatives and products
  • Retention and boost improvement by the engagement of existing and new community members

The Swissborg Community Index

The SCI is a weighted sum score consisting of the following six sub-scores having a value between 0 and 1:

1. S_volume: SwissBorg App Volume Score 

This Volume is generated in the SwissBorg App from exchanges and the amount locked in the different Smart Yield accounts (CHSB Smart Yield account excluded).  It is connected to the weekly volume generated in the SwissBorg App (exchange and yield).

--> the higher the exchange volume and the amount locked in the Smart Yield account, the higher the score.

2. S_CHSB: SwissBorg (CHSB) Token Score 

This score is a function of the trading volume (on CoinMarketCap) and the price of the CHSB token in US dollars. 

--> the higher the volume with a higher price will give a larger score.

3. S_activity: SwissBorg App Activity Score 

Measures the weekly growth in terms of new users and the activity of the users in the app. 

Activities such as open the app, make deposits, trade, check their portfolio or use the hourly asset analysis increase the score.

4. S_CAP : Community App Score

Measures the activity in the community app. 

5. S_DAO: SwissBorg’s DAO Engagement Score

Measures the growth in terms of engagement in the DAO reflected by the number of weekly Active Members in the DAO.

6. S_social: SwissBorg’s Social Media Engagement Score

The Engagement Scores on the Social media  reflects  the sum of weekly engagement on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram


Giving that the SCI can be visualized as a sixfold subdivided field matrix:



The SCI gives back you the responsibility for your wealth. The higher the CSI the higher is the yield you receive. Combining the Smart yield account the it was pointed out that the rewards are paid in CHSBs where 

  • The number of CHSB that are rewarded is computed by the Community Index and the number of CHSB held in the CHSB Smart Yield Account
  • The SCI is mapped in a table to a reward value in CHSB these rewarded tokens will be bought back and distributed according to this table
  • All the users who hold CHSB tokens in their Smart Yield account will get a reward proportional to the amount held in the account!

The APY will be thus proportional to the Community Index and will depend on the number of CHSB held by the users in the SwissBorg Smart Yield account. In the following table, you will find an example of the mapping between the Community Index and the CHSB reward distributed (for Premium users).


The CSI allows the user to take the control of its wealth depending on the CHSB amount he or she is holding and how active the user is. In a nutshell it can be said the more you hold, engage the more you get! 

[1] Whitepaper



How it works

Swissborg gives everyone who register to the wealth app and deposit 50 € a reward ticket with a random value ranging from 1 to 100 € in BTC. 

But only, if you use my links and follow the described steps below. If you do so: 

I give you THE HALF of my reward i am getting from your subscription for free!


All you need to do is this: 

  • 1. Download the Swissborg Wealth App (mandatory)
  • 2. Deposit 50 €, deposits on Swissborg are free so you can withdraw them later. (Withdraw costs about 1 €, with the earning from the reward you'll gonna make either a plus or a break even) (mandatory)

Note: If you only download the Wealth app you only get 10% of the 50%

  • 3. Download the Swissborg Community App (mandatory)
  • 4. Apply the Code: OA62FUI (mandatory)
  • 5. Contact me via Discord (Overmind#0055), Telegram (@SwissborgSwarm) or mail ( (preferred) to get your BTCs! (mandatory)

Have fun earning free BTC!

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