I share my Swissborg rewards with you!

By OvermindSB | SwissBorg | 13 Jul 2020


Hi there,

I’d like to share my Swissborg rewards with you (50:50)

All you need to do is this: 

  • 1. Download the Swissborg Wealth App (mandatory)
  • 2. Deposit 50 €, deposits on Swissborg are free so you can withdraw them later. (Withdraw costs about 1 €, with the earning from the reward you make a plus anyway) (mandatory)
  • 3. Tip this post (optional)
  • 4. Comment this post with your Swissborg BTC adress and username (mandatory)
  • 5. Download the Swissborg Community App (mandatory)
  • 6. Apply the Code: OA62FUI (mandatory)
  • 7. Share this post on Twitter (@MaikMeier9) Instagram (@Whatdriya) or other social media (optional)

For each legible participant, I (and you as well) receive a scratch ticket from Swissborg Wealth App with a random value ranging from €1-100 in BTC. I’m offering a maximum profit of 50% of my rewards (€5- €50, services withdrawal fees are also equally shared) to you.


For example:

You sign up, deposit €50 (~$60) and receive a scratch ticket with a random value between €1-€100 in your reward section (lower right corner). Let’s assume you get €10 in BTC as a sign up reward from SwissBorg at the same time I get another scratch ticket with a random value (€1-€100). If I win e.g. €50 in BTC I am going to share this BTC with you. I’ll give you 50%. So that’s €25 in BTC (fees excluded) for you (or €24 in BTC with fees). 

Please Note:

Amounts smaller than 0.0002 BTC (~€2.00) are excluded due to the current service fee of 0.0002 BTC per withdraw. If this happen, I’ll contact you via a shoutout post showing you a video how I scratch the ticket (if someone knows how I can embed screen-cast videos here on Publish0x, please leave me a comment with further instructions, otherwise I will use youtube). I’ll post a picture/video with the won reward and the winner name. It’s important that you leave your Swissborg BTC address and your Swissborg username in the comment line so that I can send the BTC to you. You must follow the link in order to receive the reward.

Thanks for participating! 
I am 200% sure, let’s earn that money, Together! 

If you are unsure, please contact me (scroll down for more contact info)

SwissBorg fees for BTC and EUR



About Swissborg

Swissborg is a wealth management App for Android and iOS allowing the user to buy crypto for the lowest possible fee. This is realised by a smart engine that compares the current fees of different exchange platforms. 


SwissBorg Supports 6 cryptocurrencies and is continuously expanding its portfolio:


Swissborg offers two plans: 

1) Standard (1% fee)

2) Premium (0% fee)

The standard 👨‍🌾 Standard - 1% fees


The🤴 Premium plan - 0% fee


As you can see, in order to get premium  fees you need to lock 50,000.00 CHSB tokens for one year. After one year you will be able to unlock the CHSB and get back your money or crypto. This could pretty worthy because Swissborg applies a Burn&Protect mechanism, destroying a distinct amount of their tokens if the price goes under a specific value. This protects the value and leads to a constant or increased price. Here are some more aspects why it is valuable to lock that amount of tokens

1) 📚📈Stacking (0% fee on the app)

2) 📯CHSB is a DAO you have the right to vote within the SwissBorg community

3) Buying Bitcoins at the most cheapest price (even with 1% you are under the fees of many other exchanges)

4) A machine learning AI (CyBorg Predictor)is giving you a prediction for the upcoming 24 h on any supported crypto currency. This AI predicts 98% better than the Swissborg Community but was 54% correct in is prediction.

5) Detailed Technical analysis - Helps you to make the right investment decision. The cyborg might help you with that. 


The Swissborg is a Wealth Management App that allows you to buy Crypto at the lowest possible price and helps you to build up a versatile diversified crypto asset portfolio. Especially the premium plan allows you to buy crypto with 0% fee which guarantees you earn money on the CHSB tokens by staking, protect&burn and a possible price increase. Plus, you have the right to vote (DAO) in the community. 

Thank you for reading and participating! 

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