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Bitrue Exchange: Power Piggy, Crypto Loans, XRP Pairs

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Bitrue is an exchange based in Singapore, consisting of team members with a diverse background. To bring their exchange to the masses they have recruited people with mobile app, AI , and finance experience. You can access the exchange vis iOS, androi...

Weekly Update: Bakkt Volume Increase, Trump Trade Deal, Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Rejection, & More

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  This weeks daily traded volume on Bakkt increased from just 25 contracts on 10/8 to 224 on 10/9. This rise in contracts also coincides with the recent price increase. During the initial release many swing traders bought bitcoin prior to the open da...

Somebody needs to teach life classes.

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  Adulting is tough. Once you sober up from college and realize that there are real life tasks to be performed it all hits you at once. The problem then is that you have spent, in my case 18 years in school and yet none of that has prepared us for r...

Deflationary Cryptoassets: A cryptoasset must be non-deflationary or it’ll likely never become a full currency.

12 Jul 2019 3 minute read Daniel Goldman $0.29 tipped

Cryptoassets are an emerging class of assets with a lot significant potential for wealth generation and preservation. Involvement in the “Cryptocurrency Ecosystem” requires a fair amount of knowledge about underlying blockchain technology, but i...