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Uniswap get listed on Binance and added UNI to flexible savings

18 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Overmind

BREAKING NEWS!!   The price of 1 UNI exploded yesterday from $ 0,30 to $ 15,00 that´s a 50x increase. But decreased dramatically to $2,40. After the second day Uniswap is till pumping. It value is correlated to ETH. Definitely a coin in your Crypt...

Earn Bitcoin Rewards doubled with SwissBorg

14 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Overmind

Dear Publish0x Community, Swissborg has this nice promotion where you get a reward ticket for  a €50 deposit and referal sign up . In this promotion both the referrer and the invited friend get a bonus ticket with a value ranging from 1-100 € in BTC....

Swissborg goes DeFi - Discover top DeFi projects with the SwissBorg Wealth App

10 Sep 2020 7 minute read 0 comments Overmind

    Swissborg is going into DeepFi (DeFi) Limitation in traditional finance has resulted in an accelerating growth of the DeFi-Universe. No wonder that the fellows around Swissborg has recently listed the most prominent and well established DeFi Coin...

SwissBorg lists Lend Aave

3 Sep 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Overmind

News from SwissBorg! Start of the Quote: Similar to other money market protocols, Aave (LEND) is an Ethereum-based, open-source and non-custodial DeFi protocol that allows its users to earn interest on deposits and to borrow assets. Aave in a nutshel...

Decentralised but a data collecting monster

29 Aug 2020 5 minute read 3 comments Overmind

Hi some new updates according the pi network I’d like to share with a quote from the app:  -START OF THE QUOTE- 100,000 Free KYC Slots Why do we need KYC? The vision of Pi Network is to build an inclusive and most widely-distributed digital currency...

An offer you cannot refuse: Up to 75% of my Swissborg Scratch Ticket for YOU!

18 Aug 2020 2 minute read 2 comments Overmind

MONEY TO BE SHARED AND SWISSBORG IS PAYING THE BILL :D   Hi Publish0x user and Free Crypto Hunters, only two person have signed up for my offer and received a 50 % share of my swissborg scratch ticket. Well this feedback is dissapointing because fre...

SwissBorg lists Binance

13 Aug 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Overmind

  SwissBorg listed Binance Coin and posted the following article:   Start of the Quote:End of the quote. More coins are on the SwissBorg  Even more Coins will be listed! I am now sharing my SwissBorg rewards if you sign up for the SwissBorg Wea...

I share 50% of my SwissBorg scratch ticket!

10 Aug 2020 3 minute read 2 comments Overmind

  Hi all, I’d like to share 50% of my Swissborg rewards with you! All you need to do is this:  1. Download the Swissborg Wealth App (mandatory) 2. Deposit 50 €, deposits on Swissborg are free so you can withdraw them later. (Withdraw costs about 1 €...

Walk-Through For The Collection Of All CHSB Tokens From The SwissBorg Community App

24 Jul 2020 5 minute read 1 comment Overmind

Introduction In this post I´d like to show you how to earn the first 250 CHSB from 1,750 CHSB tokens easily in one week and give you an additional strategy on the hand to get the remaining 1,500 CHSB tokens. For the collection of the first 250 CHSB...

The Swarm has connected! Fixed the invitation link

21 Jul 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Overmind

Hi there I fixed the invitation link to this post! Feel free to join!!! https://www.publish0x.com/swissborg/we-are-more-we-take-care-we-will-winwe-are-the-swissborg-swa-xmdgvrq    It was set to only one day. Now it’s infinite. Join! 


What is Uniswap?

23 Sep 2020 NOWNodes

25 September 2020
I guess you are not the only one. With me we are two xD.

Trading Patterns Cheat Sheet

13 Sep 2020 cryptoforcanadians

14 September 2020
Thank you man! Good content!

Two of my biggest mistakes in my crypto journey so far ! Selling ETHLend/AAVE and going into an ICO scam called CryptAssist.

13 Sep 2020 Djordi

14 September 2020
Great article and thanks for sharing this. Shows how important DYOR is!

Kusama & Polkadot: How do they compare?

9 Sep 2020 Web3 Foundation

09 September 2020
Very well written article. Thank you!

Aave Co-founder Says DeFi is Unfair with "Smaller People Paying for the Bigger People"

2 Sep 2020 Abhi K

09 September 2020
Yes, i agree. Whales are running the market. Thanks for the Article @Abhi

$YFI, $YFII & $YFV - What are These and How They Differ?

25 Aug 2020 Adamic0

30 August 2020
I agree well written and easy to understand ! Do we all YFI now?

$YFI, $YFII & $YFV - What are These and How They Differ?

25 Aug 2020 Adamic0

30 August 2020
Think about what happens when they find a single typo :D

Top 7 performing crypto of the week that you probably didn't know

30 Aug 2020 Denj

30 August 2020
Great content! Check out swissborg

An offer you cannot refuse: Up to 75% of my Swissborg Scratch Ticket for YOU!

18 Aug 2020 Overmind

18 August 2020
@aatheme Good question.. so only two has signed up. So yes you can request your remaining 25% anytime! So I could transfer 1.75 € to your BTC address at anytime as soon you request it. Just contact me

BNB Coin Review: Everything You Need to Know About Binance Coin

12 Aug 2020 ChangeNOW

13 August 2020
BNB is now listed on SwissBorg! I give you 50% of my scratch ticket reward if you sign up with my link. But just check my post on that topic

I share 50% of my SwissBorg scratch ticket!

10 Aug 2020 Overmind

11 August 2020
Thanks to A. P. You can find your redemption video here: https://vm.tiktok.com/J6ph2GF/ Approximately 3.50 € in BTC were transferred To 1J5yzpaazErfJ3HedjjjAYMmfoDrhv2pa5 Proof: https://hashxp.org/1J5yzpaazErfJ3HedjjjAYMmfoDrhv2pa5

I share my Swissborg rewards with you!

13 Jul 2020 Overmind

09 August 2020
Thanks for participating!

I share my Swissborg rewards with you!

13 Jul 2020 Overmind

08 August 2020
Thanks For trying! Didn’t now that they subtracting the fee 40k satoshis (they increased it, for unbelievers please check fee policy from SwissBorg) from the withdrawal. Thank to you I had a 180805 Satoshi ticket, so You still get the fee 40000 sats from me back.

My Covid19 Project

28 Jul 2020 Ares12110

29 July 2020
Let’s do it! 😊I would as well need a better shape :)

A(n) opinion of other Publish0x authors.

29 Jul 2020 Hippos4ever

29 July 2020
Please, more of these opinion articles. I agree 100%! Thanks for your time and passionate effort.

Free Solana Tokens - Claim Free SOL tokens and chance to win a cybertruck on FTX Exchange

28 Jul 2020 danish

28 July 2020
Got First Rule of the Crypto World is You do your own research 2nd rule of the crypto world is You do your own research!

Free Solana Tokens - Claim Free SOL tokens and chance to win a cybertruck on FTX Exchange

28 Jul 2020 danish

28 July 2020
That’s reasonable. But SwissBorg is one of the most mentioned project from Ivan on Tech

Free Solana Tokens - Claim Free SOL tokens and chance to win a cybertruck on FTX Exchange

28 Jul 2020 danish

28 July 2020
Hi danish didn’t know that would you might to check out the following post? https://www.publish0x.com/swissborg/walk-through-for-the-collection-of-all-chsb-tokens-from-the-xllwyer It’s about free crypto as well

Free Zec Coins

28 Jul 2020 Crackers

28 July 2020
Claimed my first zcash

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You Will Never Regret To Buy Stellar Lumens XLM At This Support If It Will Be Not Broken Down

22 hours ago 1 minute read comments moon333

  In this video you will find how: On the long-term weekly chart, the price action of Stellar is still moving in a rising wedge. Even though the candlesticks have spiked beyond the support of wedge but there the 50 simple moving average has provided...

🔥5 DeFi Projects to Watch in Polkadot Ecosystem

24 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments Dapp.com

Polkadot’s technology is catching attention since it connects multiple specialized blockchains into one network. It is designed to be scalable and interoperable, thus, it has already built up quite an impressive ecosystem.  Here are some DeFi protoc...

What is Uniswap?

23 Sep 2020 4 minute read comments NOWNodes

Originally published in the NOWNodes blog.The yearn.finance (YFI) token has grown in price from $34 to over $35,000 in just a month and a half. Chainlink LINK jumped from $4.12 to a peak of $19.8 in two months, but then experienced a rebounce to $12....

A Look Into Uniswap Supply, Marketcap and Inflation

18 Sep 2020 4 minute read comments dalz

Uniswap just introduced their UNI token, airdropping it to the community in what has probably been the largest crypto airdrop in the crypto history. Everyone that has interacted with Uniswap in any way before September the first got at least 400 UNI....

Uniswap Launches Governance token UNI

17 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Abhi K

Decentralized trading platform Uniswap has launched its highly anticipated governance token UNI on September 16. The governance token is bid by the team to make the platform more decentralized, with community governance arriving on launch Four liqui...

PI network, a big scam !

16 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments yanis

PI network is a "cryptocurrency" that allows us to "mine" with our mobile, but, what is it really ? I think this introducing is already too long, so... let's go and see its problems !   1 - Nothing ready The problem of PI is that they still doesn't h...

Join the Kusama Thousand Validators Programme

14 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Web3 Foundation

Receive Nominations to Kickstart your Validator on Polkadot’s Wild Cousin, Kusama Kusama network launched in July 2019 as an early, unaudited version of Polkadot’s codebase. The network launched with a set of 25 validators and has been rapidly passi...

Trading Patterns Cheat Sheet

13 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments cryptoforcanadians

One thing that has helped me to learn faster are cheat sheets and this is no different with trading.  When I first started learning how to trade, and way before I was producing crypto content, I used this cheat sheet to help me reduce the learning cu...

Two of my biggest mistakes in my crypto journey so far ! Selling ETHLend/AAVE and going into an ICO scam called CryptAssist.

13 Sep 2020 4 minute read comments Djordi

Hi Everyone, Today I want to talk about some of my bigger mistakes during my cryptocurrency journey so far. It is always good to be honest and show your mistakes as well, rather than to only boost when things go your way. They are great ways to learn...

ETH2.0: Everything You Need to Know

11 Sep 2020 8 minute read comments MyCrypto

  TL;DR: What does ETH2 mean for me or MyCrypto? This upgrade to the Ethereum network is primarily a change to its infrastructure. If you hold ether, use MyCrypto, or use one of the popular DeFi protocols, you don’t have to do anything, as ETH2 will...



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