My Banano Experience.... if you want too much...and there was bantanamo!

By OvermindSB | SwissBorg | 16 Jul 2020

I got jailed in bantanamo! The monkey in me caused trouble. I violation of their chat rules! 



As i try to motivate as many people as possible to join my SwissBorg referral program, i posted three times a link via DM to members of the banano jungle. The jungle was not amused about that, roaring monkeys 🐒 throwing with everything they could get in hand at me and the monkeys Fightless_Pig and maffs reported me, and i got in jail :(. 



Game over! After my apologise, Iazid the zookeeper is pondering now on my case. I really like to rejoin the monkey family! If we could win the Swissborg challenge as a loving monkey familiy i would buy some banano from the crypto we are going to win! I would spend my bananos for this! But i think this will never happened :(.

Bananos for everyone!


Please release me again to my monkeys i need some bananos. Please free the monkey in me, set me free! I´d like to have my monkey life back. 

For all monkey that like to join my challenge i swear i will give the first monkey that is joining all my bananos.

Lets stick together as a team! Like this!


If you have further questions feel free to contact me over 

E-Mail: [email protected]

Discord: Bananamator#0055 (I had to Switch my name from Publish0xCrypto, next post is explaining why)

Telegram: @Pthioskamp


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Pictures were taken from google image search and partly modified.



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