Alts and ShitAlts

By OvermindSB | SwissBorg | 6 Jul 2020

Ah the cryptoworld..


a world so shiny and glimmering, the air is thick as oil filled with decentralized stars, scale-able mountains, defined woods, oceans of Apps and a huge amount of brown thin string-pulling something that is in attempt to seek for glory, or just your money. Like peanut butter smeard on a devastating destroyed and overloaded toast bread so heavy that the bread would instantly break in the middle as you try to hold in between your thumb and indexfinger falling to the ground. In fall hoping it will not fall on the top site. But naaah...  we all know what'll happen.



Bitcoin the oldfather was the creator of the cryptoworld and his creation was good. Especially his own creation was good. Bitcoin had a glory future ahead. If there were not the Alts.

For Bitcoin, the Alts were not more than tiny crumbs of bread but it was Bitcoin itself who created the Alts. He created the Alts like similar to him and gave them different powers. Some of them where highly decentralized where others were just the son of a bitch and some were highly scale-able and in turn some of them were just like shit. The Alts embrace bitcoin for their creation and followed him on every move he took up and down. It was clear that this couldn´t go well and some Alts started to protest not to follow Bitcoin anymore and began a war. Ethereum the first Altgod of the Alts, and the creatore of the ERC-20 dwarfs started to contest against the oldfather Bitcoin. A brutal clash of coins begun noisy digital climbering shattered through the Cryptoworld running into disastrous chaos into a never ending war. The climbering is still not over and you can still hear a quiet climber-whisphering through the air. Bitcoin the oldfather in his wise knew he had to give up some of his power and loss about 35 % sharing now the power over the cryptoworld with the Alts. Some of the power went to the ShitAlts, thiefs with disfigured shape and uselessility (instead of utility) greedy bastards destroying the reputation of the honored oldfather and the honorable Alts (SwissBorg, Caradano. Zilliqa, Aelf, Celer Network and many honorable more).  Still now ShitAlts causing a lot of trouble ruin all cryptoworlds credibility so that the Alts and the oldfather decided to ally in order to rip out and tear apart ShitAlts guts. A new war began but this is another story... and we all hope every new ShitAlt will flush down the tube.

And it was this moment, as you picked up your filthy peanut butter halved toast bread where the ShitAlts (e.g. Kick, Minereum) entered the world and fucked all up.

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